Transferring data from Quicken on the Web to Quicken on Mac

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My Mac crashed and I was not able to recover my Quicken data file. I have a new Mac and want to install Quicken, but it will force me to create a new Quicken data file. If I install Quicken and create a new data file, once I sync Quicken on my Mac to the web, will it delete the historical data I have manually added to Quick on the Web (for example, attachments, categorizations, etc.)?


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    Sorry, but no can do.  The data stored on the web is but a small subset of what was in your data file.
    BUT, why did the file recovery not work.  Maybe that angle can be pursued.
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    See the last comment in this post. Quicken Mac supposedly has a Beta feature that allows a user to start with a Quicken data file.

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    I wrote that post Greg referenced, and please note the caveats about it being labeled as a hidden beta feature. In my case, it selected a very old Quicken Cloud data set, which wasn't helpful. If one has only a single Quicken Cloud data set, it's possible it might work. 

    @simienn Do you have no backups of data from your old Mac? Time Machine? Hard drive copy? Cloud backup service? It's for occasions just like this that you absolutely want to have one, and ideally two or more such backup systems in place. (I know you're in a tough place now, so know that I'm not lecturing, only suggesting that if you don't have any backups, you should make that a priority starting a.s.a.p.) Time Machine requires nothing more than an external hard drive (cost likely not more than $100 if you don't have one) and flipping the software setting on your Mac to "on"; it does everything else automatically. 
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