Why does Partners Federal Credit Union Visa post debit & credit for same transactions?

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Why does Partners Federal Credit Union Visa CC post debit & credit for same transactions? And, downloads total debit and credit entries from statements as transactions.


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    You're referring to this institution?:
    59343    59343    59343    Partners FCU Credit Card    http://www.partnersfcu.org    1-800-948-6677    https://partnersonlinebanking.partnersfcu.org/OnlineBanking/Signin.aspx    ACTIVE         CREDIT&WEB-CONNECT         BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    According to this entry in the FIDIR.txt file they use Express Web Connect (EWC) to download transactions.  As I understand it, each financial institution that agrees to use EWC must tell Quicken where to find needed information on their web site, and then Quicken writes a specific program for that financial institution to harvest this information.  If the financial institution changes things at their website that would affect what Quicken's doing, they are supposed to notify Quicken.  Sometimes that notification does not happen.
    If what you're describing is a recent change then perhaps the problem originated at Partners FCU, but Quicken will have to re-write their harvesting program to put things back together.
    I'd suggest contacting Quicken Support:https://www.quicken.com/support#windows
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    It has been happening for quite awhile. It's a mickey mouse credit union IT group for a mickey mouse company.
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    wgobby said:
    It has been happening for quite awhile. It's a mickey mouse credit union IT group for a mickey mouse company.
    Size really doesn't matter. Even if they only have one customer who downloads transactions with Quicken, they still have to get it right.
    How do you download transactions from the bank? Using One Step Update (which in turn uses Express Web Connect)? Or do you log on to the bank's website to download a Quicken compatible QFX file which you then import into Quicken?

    If you haven't done so already, I'd say it's time to call Quicken Support on the phone and request help.  Let them do a screen share session with you to review the situation on your computer, to review the download log file to determine the nature of the problem and to figure out how to fix it.

    Quicken Support:

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    I use one step update. I'll contact Quicken when I have a opportunity. Working changing 11 - 12 hour shifts anywhere from 3:00 am to 3:00 pm within a 6 day period does not leave me a lot of time or energy to talk with anyone's customer support.

    Thank you!
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    Correction to last post: shifts starting as early as 3:00 am to shifts ending as late as 3:00 AM.
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