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Hello, I've seen two other posts on this topic:

One with an answer that sort of defeats the purpose of hidden accounts (Jul 2020):

And one that is unresolved (Mar 2022):

I am having the same issue. When i close an investment account, all of its historical balances are removed from the Investment window. If I "unhide" the account, then the balances reappear, but now my sidebar is cluttered with accounts that i no longer use.

This is not how this feature is supposed to work. when you hide an account, its values are supposed to appear in charts, reports, etc.

The first image shows a graph of my investment window before the account is hidden:

The second image shows the same graph, but this time after i've hidden (closed) the account. Notice how the graph has changed. My understanding of the close account feature is that this chart should look the same as the first chart. They don't - yikes!


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    @contact_robert There are two existing Idea posts which deal with this issue. (I'm not sure why they were never merged together, since I believe they address the same issue. They probably should have been merged to increase the vote count for this issue.)

    I summarized the issue in this post in that first thread. The issue is that hiding an account is supposed to hide it from the sidebar or dropdown lists, but it is incorrectly also hiding the historical data. I think it's an annoying and glaring flaw in Quicken's reporting of investment history.

    I seem to recall a discussion about this with the former product manager for Quicken Mac, and once he understood the issue, he agreed that the Portfolio as of a date in the past should reflect the holdings as of that date, irrespective of whether accounts were later closed. All the data is still in Quicken; it's just filtering it incorrectly.

    I think the developers are aware of this issue, but we never get any indication of whether they have it on their roadmap, and if so, in what timeframe. Other than adding votes and comments in those two Idea threads, I'm not aware what more we can do to implore the developers to fix this issue. People could try using Help > Report a Problem, because this should be considered a bug; unfortunately, you get no acknowledgment or feedback when you submit a problem report, so it's impossible to know if it helps.
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