Quicken for Mac - functionally the same as Quicken for Windows?

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I've been using Quicken since at least 1991 - the earliest transaction I see in my data file from a quick look at my [hidden - no longer active] accounts. Im currently using Quicken deluxe subscription (R42.8) under Windows 10 running in a VM under Parallels on my MacBook Pro (Intel). I am about to move to a new M1-based MacBook Pro and am thinking it's time to move to Quicken for Mac native but before I do that, I want to make sure that I don't lose any functionality or, and especially, any data.

So.....I can see the instructions to move a windows-based datafile to the Mac native but will I lose any Quicken features/functionality?

For additional information, I should point out that because I currently live in the UK (but have banking, pension, and investment accounts in both the US and the UK that I track using Quicken), I can't realize all the features and functions that are available for all the accounts anyway but I want to make sure I don't lose anything if I move to Quicken for Mac native.

I assume I can download the Mac version from my Quicken account downloads without my Quicken for Windows subscription needing to change?



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    Hello @jonmaurer52,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    You can compare feature differences through our Product Selector page by scrolling down and seeing the checkmarks next to each feature. Note that any checkmarks with an asterisk (*) next to them mean that these features are only available in Quicken for Windows.
    I assume I can download the Mac version from my Quicken account downloads without my Quicken for Windows subscription needing to change?
    In regard to downloading the Mac version; you are correct. You will not need a new subscription and can download and install Quicken for Mac with your current subscription.

    Last, I'd also like to add that since you will be new to using Quicken for Mac, you will have the option for a one-on-one tour with our Quicken 1-2-3 team. This team has been specifically trained and put together to assist new users in getting familiarized with the program and learning how to utilize it to fit your needs, as well as answer any questions and/or address any concerns you may have.

    If this is something that would interest you, then please let me know and I will be happy to provide you with the phone number via a private message.

    I hope this helps!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Your subscription permit you to download both the Win and Mac versions.As you are running a Mac, you can install and tun the Mac version along-side the Win version. You continue to run the Win version while you work up the learning curve of the Mac version. This gives you a first-hand comparison.

    I started with the Win version 30* years ago. Have been running both versions since AMac2015 Beta came out, A little extra effort but it has bene a "hobby" to me. Personally, I really like the Mac version and would likely go that route if forced to choose.
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    This is a subject for which there could be many thousands of word in reply.  Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows are close cousins, but not identical twins, so there are lots of differences between the programs.

    For some users, after a bit of as learning curve and adjustment to the different interface, Quicken Mac meets all their needs quite well and they are happy. For some users, there are some shortcomings or missing feature sin Quicken Mac, but it meets their needs well enough. And some users deem that missing features in Quicken Mac make it not satisfactory for their needs. You can find hundreds of posts on this topic on this forum, some of which discuss ongoing issues and some of which discuss out-of-date issues which have been resolved.

    My suggestion is to ignore most of what you can read here and to try it for yourself. We all use Quicken differently, so something I might consider a minor difference might be a dealbreaker for you, and something I might cite as a major missing feature might be irrelevant for you. Since you already have a Mac and a Quicken ken subscription, there's no cost to download the Mac version and try it. Plan to use it in parallel with Quicken Windows for a few weeks as you determine whether Quicken Mac meets your needs. 
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    Thanks all for the detailed and thoughtful replies to my question. I have taken the plunge today and installed Quicken Mac and moved & converted my datafile. After a bit of exploring, everything looks good, balances match, etc., but one thing that does stand out as missing is my saved reports which don't seem to have been carried over at all. Am I missing something or is this a known issue? Any way of getting them over from my Windows install datafile?
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    @jonmaurer52 Unfortunately, reports do not transfer at all. The architecture of the databases and the report engines are different enough — some Quicken Windows reports simply can't be replicated in Quicken Mac reports — that the programmers did not attempt to translate them. You will need to re-create your reports.
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    I was afraid of that but thanks for confirming. I can probably recreate the more important ones easily enough and I'll keep the windows version and datafile for archival purposes anyway. Thanks again for the help.
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