how to transfer stock between US and Candian account internally

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how to transfer stock between US and Canadian accounts internally


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    Those accounts presumably have different currencies set up for them.  USD and CAD, respectively.
    In which account, in which currency, did you actually buy the stock?
    And, the USD and CAD aren't at 1:1 parity, so this action might get tricky.

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    I am not sure what your 'internally' references.  

    (As best I understand it) Within Quicken an investment account must be set up for USD or CAD,  Once so set, the account can only hold securities traded in those respective currencies.  A USD account cannot hold Canadian-based (CAD traded) securities nor can a CAD account hold securities that trade in USD.  
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    Yes, but I am unable to transfer the stock that is traded in TSX and NY exchange, i.e., transfer the the same stock from Canadian account to US account. It appears the rule is for internal transfer you need to have a different name of the stock or different currency account.
  • smayer97
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    How about simply doing a Move Shares Out from one register (US) and Move Shares In to another (CA)?

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