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I have Quicken installed on my MacBook and I can set up Robinhood via Quicken connect, however I installed Quicken on a PC and it cannot find Robinhood. Why is it only available to connect via the Mac app?


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    Hello @jdh5153,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    While Robinhood supports downloads with Quicken for Mac, it, unfortunately, does not currently support transaction downloads with Quicken for Windows. 

    In order for Robinhood to support downloads in Quicken for Windows and to be added to our Windows bank list, the request to be added would need to be made and submitted by the financial institution to our service providers. If you want Quicken for Windows to be supported, you will need to contact your financial institution directly and tell them you'd like to download your accounts into Quicken for Windows.

    I hope this information serves to be useful to you! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
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    As I understand the situation Quicken Mac is one step ahead of Quicken Windows in implementing a new "sub method" of connecting to investment financial institutions.

    I use the term "sub method" for the lack of anyone mentioning a better term.
    The first thing to notice is that it is Quicken Connect on Quicken Mac not Direct Connect.  This would be equivalent to what is happening on the Quicken Windows side with Express Web Connect + for Schwab and Chase, but with a twist, and why I call it a "sub method".

    The new "sub method" doesn't fetch transactions.  It only support the "simple investing" mode where you just get the number of shares, prices, and cash amounts.

    Watching the Mac threads this was implemented a while ago and opened the doors to a lot of financial institutions for investment accounts that weren't support before because Quicken used to require Direct Connect for investment accounts, and now it can use Intuit as the aggregator, but with not necessarily with full transaction downloading like Schwab and Chase have.
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