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:/ I have been a Quicken user from 1997. Unfortunately as times change so do many things including robust software support. This morning I spent 1:50 minutes on a Call with Quicken. The support team is located in Guatemala City and for the first hour the Support individual engaged in a ridiculous process of sending and awaiting for responses from "Dept 2". After an hour I asked to speak to a Supervisor. After walking through the issue again I asked for the matter to be escalated. Again waiting another 30 minutes to get a date to speak with someone from the Escalation team. My call is tomorrow. Times certainly are changing.


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    Hi @bcallan,

    I am very sorry to hear about your experience on the phone with Quicken Support. I appreciate the feedback you have provided regarding your experience and I will be sharing this with the appropriate department so we can improve our service. I am going to send you a private message regarding the issue you are experiencing and more details about the call. Thank you. 

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    Quicken Janean

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