PNC CC-502

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I read this was recently resolved, but I still receive CC-502. Quicken prompts for a pin, I receive the pin from PNC, enter, and it says there is a connection problem. Thoughts?


  • Quicken Anja
    Quicken Anja Moderator mod
    Hello @jckjjk,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    Since you are still experiencing an error with PNC after the alert was marked resolved, we recommend that you please contact Quicken Support directly for further assistance and possible escalation if they see fit.

    We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
  • jacksocj
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    I'm seeing the same thing. CC-502...nothing resolved
  • jacksocj
    jacksocj Member ✭✭
    I contacted Quicken support. They walked me through the same steps to get reconnected with Express Web Connect and landed on the same CC-502 error. The last thing I was asked to do was to deactivate the account, then attempt to reactivate....that too returned a CC-502. The agent I had on the chat then asked me to wait a day and try again...that was 3 days ago and each day I get the same CC-502.
  • Hello @jacksocj,

    Thank you for providing more information. 

    I have sent you a direct message, please navigate to the inbox in the top right-hand corner of the Community page and check your inbox.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Boonie
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    I have the same problem. During one step update, error message CC-502 trying to update Citibank (savings account and credit card account). No issues if I update Citibank from the registers, although it does ask for my password.
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