I used to use Quicken Mac 2007 but now I can no longer access vital information in the 2022

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I used to use Quicken 2007 but now I can no longer access vital information in the 2022. I want to also merge different bank accounts and no instructions. I lost all of my information for 2019 when I updated Quicken


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    If you lost information in the conversion, it was probably due to database corruption issues with Quicken 2007 which would have impacted you eventually. (I had such problem losing some transactions in Quicken 2007 before I converted.) There are a few things which can be done in Quicken 2007 before conversion to Quicken Mac, if you just converted recently and could try again — but it sounds like you switched awhile ago.

    What information are you unable to access?

    Merging two accounts is easy: click on Account B in the left sidebar, click on any transaction, Select All to highlight all transactions, click-and-drag any of the transactions over to Account A in the left sidebar and release. All the transactions in Account B will move into Account A, and you can then delete Account B (control-click it in the sidebar and select Delete).
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    If you have already switched a while ago, and if you can identify the missing transactions in QM2007, you can try to extract those data, using Save a Copy into a new data file, trim a copy of the old data file, or using QIF export and import into a new QM2007 data file. Then you can merge the intermediate data file into your current QMac data file, as QMac has the ability to merge multiple QM2007 data files into one new QMac file.

    This assumes that you still have QM2007 and its associated data file(s) and can still run QM2007.

    Of course, be sure to have reliable backups before attempting this, should anything not go as expected.

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