Can I select all Bank Messages and delete them

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I have several thousand bank messages viewable by clicking Window -> Bank Messages in Quicken for Mac. I can select each one and click the trash can, but that process does not work for thousands. Multi-select or delete all would solve this. Can I add this feature request?
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    Hello @PeterW,

    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Community with your request.

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  • mwreagan
    mwreagan Member ✭✭
    Is the bank actually sending the same message with the same date on every update or is it something in the Quicken software that adds it every time I update my accounts?
  • mwreagan
    mwreagan Member ✭✭
    The bank says it's Quicken. Quicken says it's the bank.
    I am using quicken Version 6.11.1 (Build 611.47285.100) for mac. I am getting messages back from 2015. I checked online and there are no messages, these must be stored or somewhere in the data. I would like the option of deleting them all, or not having the messages show up at all.
  • IB
    IB Member ✭✭✭
    I am also getting these bank messages all of a sudden. I think there's an issue with this latest Quick Mac release.
  • ToddD
    ToddD Member
    Same here- getting bank messages from 2021 an earlier since last buld and including - 611.47347.100...