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I am using Quicken Deluxe for Mac. Until a few days ago, transactions from my NFCU account were downloading with no problem. Suddenly, not only are they not all downloading, but many have gone missing from the account, and the transaction list no longer shows any scheduled transactions. I've had numerous problems downloading from various investment accounts since I purchased the app in January. This is the final straw when I can't see where I've spent my money or viewed my income!


  • Hello @drfleming,

    Thank you for contacting the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue with Navy Federal Credit Union. 

    Could you please provide more information? Are you receiving any error codes or messages? What exactly occurs when initiating a download? 

    I am looking forward to hearing your response!
    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Having a similar issue with Bank of America. Shows transactions downloaded but they don't appear in the "Downloaded Transactions" list.
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    I have also noticed that no transactions across 4 financial institutions that I have One Step Update updating will show anything new. OSU will list the banks, go through the "waiting" process, and then all 4 of them immediately say "Complete" with no new data shown anywhere. Online Balances are also inaccurate from reality vs. what is shown in Quicken. This has been within the last week.

    I recently changed Citi to Express Web Connect and then chose to "reset my cloud data" to fix Citi since it would fix itself in the Quicken mobile app. I do not know if that also broke the OSU for me globally for Quicken desktop; it shouldn't have since the other banks were not touched regarding Online Services, but may have since my whole Cloud Data was reset. (via the Mobile & Web option in the Preferences menu)
    (using Quicken for Windows and Android Quicken)

    @Quicken Jasmine would this best be reported as a separate topic? I felt it was related to this thread but there hasn't been an update on this since it started and I'd rather not wait for OP to respond to see if an answer for them helps me. (ya know?)
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    Hast this thread been abandoned? I've noticed you can't tag a Quicken member when there's a space in their name. Rather inconvenient.
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    @levi727 Yes, that's one of the many quirks of this Vanilla Forums software. But the good news is that you can tag people with a space in their username: you just need to enclose their name in quotes. So type the @ sign, a quote mark, the name, and a closing quote mark. (Usually it will suggest the name before you finish trying, and you can just click on it.)

    For the specific issues you're discussing above, you may find it more helpful to contact Quicken Support and have one of their agents screen share with you to (hopefully) work through your problems. 
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    I have been having the problem of transactions not downloading (from Barclaycard to Quicken Deluxe Version: R43.32) since October 2021. No transactions were downloaded from 10/5/21 until 1/30/22 from two Barclaycard accounts. I've never recovered the transactions; thus my Quicken account is off by several thousand dollars. The problem started again in the last month. When I do a download, a few transactions trickle in, but not the entire amount.

    I am so frustrated by this that I've waited until now to report it fearing that I'll need to spend hours on the phone with a technician. Please help!
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