Can I move an investment security into another account?

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I have an investment account with just one security in it and I want to move that security into another account where the rest of my investments (with the same tax treatment) are located. Is there any way to do this short of deleting the account and losing all its transactions? Thanks!


  • Tom Young
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    The very easiest way to do this is to use the "Shares Transferred Between Accounts" action available by clicking the Enter Transactions button.  The transactions will remain in the old Account, but that's no big deal.  The security, on a lot-by-lot basis (if you have multiple lots) will be properly presented in the new Account. 
    If you want the transactions to also be in the new Account click the gearwheel in the old Account and select "Move transactions."
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    You can click on Enter transactions in the account where the security is held and select Shares Transferred Between Accounts. This will create one Removed transaction for the all the selected shares in the old account and one Added transaction in the new account for each tax lot you hold, with the correct cost basis and acquisition date. The transactions that led to your current position will remain in the old account.

    To monitor performance over a period that includes the transfer date, you should include both the old and new accounts.

    Note that the cost basis does not transfer correctly if you have selected "Use average cost" for the security in the old account.
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    Is this investment in the same brokerage account as the other investments?  Your Quicken should be set up like your actual accounts.  Each actual account should have its own account in Quicken.  You shouldn't put things in the same account in Quicken that are not actually in the same account.

    If the answer is that they are all actually in the same brokerage account then one thing you can do is to do a "Removed" transaction in the one account and an "Added" transaction in the other for the security.  You should not delete the account, just move the security.
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    Another path possibly more the direction you were thinking -- 
    Rt-click on any transaction in the one-security account.  
    Select the Move Transaction(s) option.
    (Same effect @Tom Young suggested as an option)

    From there you will be able to select and move the specific transactions from the one-security account to the broader account.  

    I agree with the principles other cited about keeping thing consistent with the actual brokerage holdings, but there can be reasons to do as you are asking.  
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    Nobody else mentioned it, but MAKE A BACKUP FIRST,that way if it doesn't go as you want, you can restore the backup and be returned to the starting conditions.

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