Are R44.25, R44.27, R44.28 seperate release branches?

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Per "UPDATE 10/25/22

We have released version R44.25 (10/12), R44.27 (10/13), and R44.28 (10/25) which is now being made available in staged release format to a limited number of users."

Are these releases different branches of code or does R44.28 include the fixes in R44.25 & R44.27?  It seems a confusing announcement.

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  • Tom Young
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    The history of releases, the way it's suppose to work, is that each higher number version has all changes made in lower numbered versions, and I have no reason to believe that's changed.  Some time ago Quicken went to the process of trickling out new versions on a random basis, trying to judge if there were any problems in the new version, before opening up the version for general release.
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    No these aren't different branches.

    Frankly, without seeing their internal software process no one can really tell what is a branch and what isn't, but from the users standpoint there aren't any branches with maybe the exception of Quicken Windows US vs Quicken Windows Canadian, and maybe not even then these days.

    In software terms Quicken Windows US is always only one branch.  The latest always is the accumulation of all that came before it. They have never had two Quicken Windows US releases that are "separate".

    It is clear that at one point they did branch the Quicken Windows code into the US and Canadian versions.  Recently though I have seen indications that they might have merged them back together with the licensing being able to change which is used when creating a new data file.

    Here is what I get when I create a new data file:

    No one else seems to see this.  I think this is because at one time I was in the beta for Canada and as such I had a Canadian license connected to my Quicken Id.  And now it sees both a US and Canadian license and lets me decide which to use for the new data file.
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