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My Quicken Premier membership is set to renew in a few days, and I just noticed the annual cost has increased to $83.88.  When I switched to the online membership (reluctantly) 2 years ago I paid $128.98 for a 2-year membership ($64.49 per year).  Prior to that, when you could buy Quicken every three-years, I paid $75.16 ($25.05 per year) for 2017-19, and that was for Home and Business, which is more expensive. Prior to that I paid $57.96 ($19.53 per year) for 2014-16 for Home & Biz. 

I have two questions: 1) why have the rates increased so much?  and 2) are there renewal discounts available for loyal customers? 

I have been a Quicken customer since 2001, and really have concern with how much rates have increased, especially considering how many more bugs/issues there are now, which Quicken seems to rely on users to identify after each release.  If the service was better, and there were not as many recurring issues, I would not be as frustrated, but the fact is I had far fewer issues prior to Quicken mandating online renewal memberships, and when the cost was 25% of what it is now.  Does not make sense.  Any insight would be appreciated.   Maybe @Quicken Anja has some information that would be helpful?  Thank you.  


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    Hello @Amo1,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your questions.

    For information regarding the price increase, we advise you to refer to this support article.

    To inquire about discounts available to you, you will need to contact Quicken Support directly by phone. Our phone support agents will have the necessary tools available in order to look into what is available that this channel, unfortunately, does not. Please keep in mind that while they may be able to work with you on finding a discount, we cannot guarantee that one will be available or offered.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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    and to make it less painful - Quicken now shows the pricing in a "per month" amount -

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