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Anyone have any comments on this. How I might be able to enhance the investments I hold or any additional information I might be able to retrieve using Premier. Will I lose any of the existing features I have in deluxe, but most of all try to avoid any of the "whoops" problem that might occur. Thanks for any feedback. I have been using quicken since its dos days on a 5.25 floppy and there have been disappointments but not many.


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    There is only one QWin program.  The various editions (Starter, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business) all use that exact same program.  Your subscription simply determines which features in it are turned on or off.  This being the case, upgrading or downgrading from one edition to another does not require any kind of data conversion whatsoever so there is no risk of loss of data.
    If you have not already done so you might want to review the Quicken Product Selector:  https://www.quicken.com/product-selector.  It is a nice chart showing the features differences between each of the editions. You will note that there really is not a lot of difference between Deluxe and Premier.  And, no, you will not lose any features in Deluxe if you upgrade.  Premier only adds features, it does not delete features.
    I think the biggest differences include:
    • Premier gives you priority phone access to Quicken Support should you want/need to talk with someone.
    • Premier provides some additional Tax Schedules (which IMHO are not really needed because the same data is available with Deluxe but as Quicken Reports instead of IRS Tax Schedules).
    • Premier provides some additional investments planning tools.
    • Premier provides securities price downloads every 15 minutes.
    • Premier allows you to link your house to Zillow and download the Zestimate house value into Quicken.  (Quite frankly this sometimes works well and at other times not so well.)
    • Premier includes Quicken's Bill Manager QuickPay and CheckPay services at no cost.  With Deluxe there is an additional monthly fee for this. (Some  people like these services because it allows them to pay their bills in a single place...in Quicken.  Others, like me, would rather use the Direct Connect Bank Bill Pay which Quicken does not charge anything for and when needed I can simply log into my bank account or the biller's account and set up the payments there for free.)
    Many people feel the benefits of Premier are not really needed so they are fine with Deluxe.  I've been a Premier user for many years but if I were to downgrade to Deluxe I don't think I'd have too many regrets about it.  Others feel the differences listed above are worth the additional cost.  It's a personal choice.
    Also, you might want to read the following Support Article:  https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-subscription-membership-faqs.  Scroll down to and click on Managing billing and auto-renew preferences.  Under there it will talk more about the upgrade/downgrade process.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    To upgrade you just buy, and install, Premier.
    At the bottom of this link is a comparison of the various products.
    You'll lose nothing, because the code is the same ... it's just a question of what features are made available to you.

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    Premier also the Morning Star X-Ray Portfolio.   And in Deluxe you have multiple currency support, but only in Premier and above do you have downloading of the current exchange rates.  Premier has "real-time quotes", but some have said that they aren't very "real-time", and it really doesn't make sense even though people requested it since you would really have to depend on your broker's quotes for buying/selling.

    I think lately they have been trying to add features to sort of separate the two, but as @Boatnmaniac said Premier is mostly "extras" not "required".
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    Chris_QPW said:
    Premier also the Morning Star X-Ray Portfolio.  
    Thanks for pointing out the Morning Star Portfolio X-Ray feature.  I'd forgotten to mention that.  That is a nice tool that can help identify overexposure to specific businesses or when allocations have gotten out of balance with the plan and adjustments need to be made.  When one has a lot of different mutual funds and/of ETFs it's difficult to know where the risk exposures lie and this tool can greatly simplify that process. 
    For instance, as a general rule of thumb it's usually a good idea to not have more than 2% invested in any one company.  I just ran the X-Ray and noticed that Exxon now constitutes nearly 6.5% of my portfolio which means I'm overweighted with Exxon so it is a risk exposure that should probably be reduced.  But it's also identifying a possible opportunity to reap some very nice investment gains since that 4.5 percentage point increase above 2% was likely caused by large stock valuation increases (caused by high oil prices).  I think it's time to contact my investment advisor to explore my options.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R52.33 on Windows 11)

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