Scheduled Bill Pay Transactions from BoA not Downloading anymore [Edited]

Q stopped downloading my scheduled bill pay transactions from Bank of America. How do I get Quicken to again download my scheduled bill pay transactions? Without this function, I have to 1) remember to check if my bill is scheduled to pay, 2) check that the amounts and dates are correct, and 3) manually mark it as paid in my Q register. Please advise on how to get back the original functionality. Thank you!


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    Hello @Jill Met,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    With the new Express Web Connect+ (EWC+) connection method, scheduled bill pay transactions will no longer download as they did before as this was a Direct Connect feature. The new connection method only downloads posted transactions.

    We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you.
    -Quicken Anja
  • Jill Met
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  • Mark1104
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    nope - it was driven by the Banks for enhanced security; Q was the recipient of the change and did NOT drive this..... Bill pay was just 'collateral damage' of the enhanced security.  Using Q Billpay has the same consequence   EWC+ only permits one way transactions: downloads only, so Q Billpay is affected even worse - it will not communicate with your bank!  

    Question: why even use BillPay? in this day an age, a lot of billers accept credit cards, debit cards, auto-debit is more widely accepted than years ago, even some use Zelle for the smaller transactions (there is no issue with Zelle if you know you you are paying!  the scans occur when you don't know you are paying!)

    I used to use BofA Bill pay many times per month; I use it about once per quarter now.  Time are changing!    
  • Jill Met
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    This is helpful information and stops me from becoming negative on Q as I haviebeen using it since the late 90s, thank you. I know I can set-up auto pay on almost all billers' websites, but I like being able to see what is upcoming and manage all transactions from one location. Oh well!
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    Hi @Jill Met,

    While the writing is likely on the wall, there is still some space on that wall. 

    Which is to say that there are still banks that have not moved to Express Web Connect+ and still have bill payment capability using the Direct Connect method.  Examples are PNC, Sun Trust Bank, TD Bank, Regions Bank, Republic Bank, Peoples Bank, Northern Bank & Trust, as well as many others.


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  • Mark1104
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    @Frankx - it is probablty not worth the hassle of changing banks...assuming the regulators are aware of this industry trend, they will pressure the other banks to follow suit. 

    @jillmet -  you can set up reminder transactions in Q so that it creates a forecast of the future dated transactions.  For example, I set up my electric bill this way and since Q let's me use last year's bill as the estimate, it will be close to what the actual will be.  I won't overdraft! Then I let electric company auto-debit - 20 years and NEVER a problem
  • Chris_QPW
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    Mark1104 said:
    @Frankx - it is probablty not worth the hassle of changing banks...assuming the regulators are aware of this industry trend, they will pressure the other banks to follow suit. 
    In my opinion one doesn’t have to worry about the “regulators”, they never showed any interest in regulating this in the past when Direct Connect/OFX could have been made the standard.  I see no reason why they will do anything different for FDX.
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