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When I log in to BMW Financial Services on the web it brings me to the MYBMW page, which is also an app on my IPHONE. When I go to set up my new auto loan I am using the my bmw connect login and ID. However, I keep getting an error message as the Quicken connection to BMW does not recognize my login and password. Is there another login I require to set up this loan? Thank you


  • Hello @Steve Palm Springs,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this error. 

    If you don’t mind, could you please provide a screenshot of the error message you described receiving? If needed, please refer to this Community FAQ for instructions on how to attach a screenshot. Alternatively, you can also drag and drop screenshots to your response if you are not given the option to add attachments.  

    I look forward to your response. 

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • Same here, can't connect the BMW Financial Services.
  • mlevy18
    mlevy18 Member
    I also cannot connect to BMW. The error I get is:

    BMW Group Financial Services is denying access to your account. Please visit the BMW Group Financial Services web site to see what's going on. Care Code: FDP-155.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The "Care" code means that your attempt to access BMW from within Quicken is actively being blocked by BMW. They must not like "3rd party data aggregators" like Quicken or Intuit ...
    To bypass the issue, I recommend setting up the loan account as an "offline" (manual) loan account, not connected to BMW.
    Do not use Quicken Bill Manager to set up making payments. Instead, using your browser access the BMW website and authorize them to direct debit (aka PAC Draft, Autopay, APS, etc.) the next and all future payments from your checking account or a credit card. The biller will do all the work for you to make an electronic debit on the due date and you don't have to worry about being late.
    In Quicken use the loan setup - generated Scheduled Reminder to record the monthly payment, with the principal amount being defined as a Transfer to the offline loan account. This will keep your loan balance in sync with the monthly loan statement, +/- a few cents. Quicken cannot exactly calculate these loan types' payments in the same way BMW does, so you will have to look at the monthly statement and adjust principal and interest split amounts by those few cents every month.
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