Is it possible on Quicken for Mac to get a report for expenses versus the budget?

It is unbelievable to me that as a 40 plus year user of Quicken I can not get the same reports in Mac that I did in Windows. All I want to do is compare my expenses to the budget I created so I can track those expenses versus budget on a month to month basis. Why do I need a budget if I cannot compare it to expenses. Please expedite this reporting or I will be leaving QUICKEN after all these years. Thank you.


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    You posted the same question in two different threads, so I'll post the same answer here as I did in the other one…

    Comparing actual to budget is a long-running shortcoming in Quicken Mac which has been well-documented over the years in this Idea thread. There's no need for a new one.

    Why is it available in Quicken Windows and not Quicken Mac? Because the code for the two programs is completely different, and they haven't yet written the code for Quicken Mac since abandoning the original legacy version of Quicken for Mac and embarking on the massive project of re-writing it from scratch using modern Mac tools. (I'm not saying anyone should be satisfied with the absence of this functionality; I'm just explaining why in answer to the question.) The Quicken Mac development team has a list of more than 500 feature requests from user on this site alone, which guarantees that whatever features they do tackle, it won't satisfy everyone because there are so many other features still undone. 

    The good news is that the original has now been changed from "Submitted for Consideration" to "Planned". That change is about all the communication we ever get from Quicken on future plans. But this means the good — very good! — news is that the developers understand this request, have agreed that this is a desirable feature, and have it on their development roadmap with time committed for implementation. The bad news: we never know when various features are planned for release; it could be next month or it could be 18 months.
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    Totally agree. This seems like a most basic report. All the necessary information is already in the system. This should be an easy report to create. I would like a comparision of actual YTD to budget YTD and budget annual.
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    I have been waiting for this report for years. Since Quicken has decided they will no longer support older Mac OS’s (which I only use so I can run an old version of Quicken which has these report) I give up. Time to ditch Quicken and move to another companies software. Any suggestions?