How do I ensure that both Quickens (mobile device and home computer) are using the same data file?

I am using QUICKEN WINDOWS SUBSCRIPTION on my home computer. The data file that my mobile device is picking up is different from the data file that my home computer is using. How do I get them to be the same?


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    In Q-Web (, you can select which data file is active by clicking on the Profile icon in the lower left corner.
    I'm not sure how in the mobile app, but changing it in Q-Web should change it in both, hopefully.
    To be blunt about it, I don't know of any of the superusers that use it.

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    And you CAN'T use the exact same file on the desktop and Web/Mobile, because only a subset of your desktop data file gets uploaded to where they use it.

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    There are two possibilities.  One is that you have more than one and haven’t selected the right one on Quicken Mobile.  On my iPad that selection is in under the menu just below Help.

    The other possibility is that your Quicken Desktop data file is out of sync with the Quicken Cloud data set.
    To get them back in sync you would overwrite what is in Quicken Mobile/Cloud dataset from what is in the Quicken Desktop data file by selecting Edit -> Preferences -> Mobile & Web -> Reset your cloud data

    BTW there is some confusion here because to keep them straight you will see people referring to them as the Quicken Desktop data file (or just data file) and the Quicken Cloud dataset (which is a partial copy your data on the Quicken server use by Mobile/Web), but in Quicken Mobile they actually do refer to it as the “data file”.  And it other places as “cloud data”.
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    The question is, do you really need to use the Quicken mobile?
    I too am all about mobile but not with Quicken from personal experience, as Quicken is a comprehensive and complex program, second to none.  Hence I will echo what all other experienced/superusers commented here (i.e. @splasher 's last line and others).  The preferred way to ensure that your data remains accurate is to stick with Desktop only - hence I personally would turn "Cloud Sync" off in Preferences.  But if you must use mobile (and Web), expect to encounter sporadic issues.
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