American Express New Sign-In Method Not Working

Today I get a message saying American Express is switching to a different connection method. Click the link to reauthorize, and it takes me to a reauthorization page but my account doesn't show up there, so there's no way to do it. Very frustrating.


  • afvolkmann
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    I recieved the same message. It did reauthorize, but when it wanted to add an account to Quicken it wanted to link to an existing checking account and I could not link it to my existing AmExp account. I could create a new account and it went back a year of transactions that I would have to catergorize. If I could just link it to my existing account I think it all would be good. Any suggestions?
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    I went thru the process this morning and it worked fine for me. I am on Windows version 47.11.
  • TroyRad
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    I have a personal and a corporate card and the personal appears and allows for the reauthorization, but the corporate card does not seem to work. Quicken continues to prompt me to reauthorize, but there is no way to get the right key for the corporate account. Still broken 2/9/2023
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    I had same thing happen. I have 2 amex accounts. one personal and one corporate. It let me reauthorize my personal, but never let's me select and reauthorize my corporate account. It knows it needs it, tells me it needs it, but when I go to reauthorize it only offers me my personal account, which has already been fixed. The screen that allows you to select the account to reauthorize (post login to Amex) only offers the personal account. No ability to select corporate account.
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    Yeah, my corporate account (only one I have) will not download because it doesn't show up in the list to reauthorize, very frustrating.
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    Still not working - tried three different browsers - Chrome, Edge & Firefox - Even though I have to login to Amex each time, my account doesn't show up at all to authorize...
  • Jack E
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    Credit card and personal loan. Same problem. Requests reauthorize loan. Only credit card appears on check list Amex site. Looks like they have work to do. Testing prior to release would have been nice.
  • When I did the reauthorization yesterday it put old amex transactions into a bunch of different accounts, so I just restored my file from backup. Today I got the pop up message to reauthorize right away...I think I'll be patient on this one.
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    When I did the reauthorization yesterday it put old amex transactions into a bunch of different accounts, so I just restored my file from backup. Today I got the pop up message to reauthorize right away...I think I'll be patient on this one.
    For this problem, I suggest you look at my comment here:
    EDIT:  It looks like there is an official article for this same issue:

    For the others that have a corporate card I suggest you follow this thread:

    EDIT:  I think this announcement is also referring to the same problem:
    This is my website:
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    Thanks for the last two links @Chris_QPW. It looks like the support team now has a problem ticket to track progress of the fix. Bookmarked them and will wait for notification of the fix.
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    I have the same authorization problem with this new method of reauthorizing existing American Express cards which have always worked in the past with Quicken. I have a single login at Amex that I use for managing my two credit cards (one personal and one corporate). During the Quicken reauthorization process only the personal card is shown for selection after Quicken redirects me to the American express sign in page and I login in with my American Express credentials.

    Yesterday, I contacted both Quicken support and the American Express “Digital Assistance Team” regarding the missing corporate card from the reauthorization page. After a four hour telephone call with both companies it was quite clear this problem is not going to be fixed anytime soon. The outcome was the classic finger pointing game with absolutely no resolution in the end.

    The Quicken reauthorization process redirects us to sign in at the American Express hosted page This is the regular American Express enrollment page that American Express uses for customers to enroll new Amex cards for online access at American express. There is no dispute from Quicken support or American Express that this is an American Express owned page. The problem with the finger pointing is that American Express says Quicken should be proving the information to the sign in page for what credit card is being reauthorized. On the other hand, Quicken support says American Express is supposed to provide a selectable list of all credit cards currently enrolled for online management at American Express. Quicken support is standing their ground that I need to contact American Express so they can fix things on their side and American Express is standing their ground saying Quicken needs to fix things on their end.

    After the marathon calls to both companies I contacted Quicken support once again and spoke with anther representative who said they have seen the problem before. I was told American Express is actively “migrating” all enrolled cards and that my corporate card has not yet been migrated for use in this new reauthorization process. I then checked with the American Express digital team to get an ETA on the migration and they had no idea what Quicken support was talking about.
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    Same exact issue
  • Stripedbass411
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    While still not working, Quicken seems to have some minor movement in reverting back to the old American Express authorization functionality.

    To see what I mean, deactivate the working American Express card online access in Quicken and then go through the online setup once again in Quicken for that card. Rather than selecting American Express from the “popular institutions” type “American” in the search bar, highlight “American Express” in the list of institutions, and select “Advanced Options”. On the “Add Account” screen you’ll see that Quicken has added back the original “Direct Connect” option which was the old way Quicken connected into American Express. Select “Direct Connect”, continue on through the redirected sign-in page, choose your working credit card again, and head back into Quicken to see the working credit card reauthorized without any issue.

    The new problems with the reverted changes so far is 1) after the "Direct Connect" authorization process Quicken is still internally using the new “Express Web Connect+” authorization for American Express even though “Direct Connect” was chosen and 2) the second American Express credit card (corporate card in my case) still is not recognized even when “Direct Connect” is chosen.

    Attached are screen images I was referring to.
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    Anyone having the problem with the new Quicken reauthorization process for American Express recognizing all available credit cards should send an email to the American Express Digital Assistance team at [email protected] Have the email subject read as “Quicken Issue” and in the email itself mention what American Express credit card(s) are missing from the authorization screen after Quicken redirects to the American Express sign-in page. Be sure to include a screen snap shot of the actual sign-in page before entering any credentials and a screen snapshot of what credit cards are being presented for the authorization selection.

    The American Express Digital Assistance team also said they will reach out to Quicken and that development team regarding the problem. As indicated by the American Express Digital Assistance team an email confirmation will also be sent back confirming receipt of the problem...

    Dear Cardmember,

    Thank you for providing the information required. It will really help us to resolve the reported issue sooner. You will receive an email (with a ticket number) from us in maximum 7-10 business days if your issue gets escalated further. For any further clarification, please call us at the number on the back of your card for an update.

    PS: This email address is un-monitored and solely used for the purpose of collecting documents that support CM’s tech issue. Please don’t send any follow up email to us since we won’t be able to reach out to you and it will not be considered as a mode of communication.

    Digital Assist and Plan It Team
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    I have the same exact problem.
  • I hope this gets fixed soon. The ability to download and import transactions is the only reason I continue to be a subscriber; and given connectivity issues with other institutions over the last year or so, I'm just about ready to drop this.
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    Still no resolution on this problem.

    Latest update from Quicken is a work in progress...
  • Stripedbass411
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    Quicken has finally fixed the American Express reauthorization problem today (see “MultipleAmexCards.JPG”) where users with more than one Amex credit card were not presented with all their available credit cards for reauthorization after signing into the redirected Amex page.

    The Quicken for Windows release is Version R48.9 Build (see “QuickenVersion.JPG”) and it is available for download through both the “One Step Update” and “Check for Updates” option on the “Help” menu. Unfortunately, there is no mention of this fix in the release notes (see “ReleaseNotes.JPG”).
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    The latest update for the mac does not fix American Express authorization problem. Hopefully soon. Been a problem since early feb.

  • him
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    i.e. Quicken 6.12.4

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    I can confirm that this is also still not fixed for me with the latest update and a Bonvoy Amex Card.

  • I continue to have this same with a Marriott BEVY American Express card, there is nothing to authize when prompted. I'm on the current release of Quicken, Windows 11, etc.

    I'm having no issues with the Hilton Honors American Express card.