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I am a long time (unsuccessful) Quicken for windows user. I get things going and something happens with transaction downloads or some funny category thing and my accounts become a real mess. I have just gotten things straightened out and wanted to try to track my cash flow more closely so I entered my paystub into the pay check wizard now my checking account balance is about $10K higher than reality. I found a duplicate transaction but there must be something else as it is still off.

Rather than dig into that issue I am wondering if Simplifi would be a better solution for me. My focus is budgeting and cash flow for my wife and I. We have several credit cards and investments I like to track as well. I am not really interested in tax information as we use our cpa for all of that work.

Bottom line question should I commit the time to learning quicken or can I achieve all my goals with simplifi with much less effort?


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    I've never used Simplifi, but the old adage of garbage in, garbage out applies to both it and Quicken.  Neither method will run successfully on "auto-pilot".  It is a matter of digging in and learning how to properly use either of them if you want them to be accurate.
    IMO, the bottom line is do you want your very important financial data on your local hard drive or in the cloud?

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    Hello @Rod Christmas,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community with your question.

    To learn more about Simplifi, it would be better suited for you to reach out to Simplifi's Community directly. Please click here to be redirected to Simplifi's Community.

    Alternatively, Simplifi Support can also be contacted.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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