Why does Quicken have a "Market Adjustment" tag?

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In three different data files, Quicken has a "Market Adjustment" tag. I didn't create it. If I run any report with all accounts, categories, and payees selected, all dates, but for only the "Market Adjustment" tag, nothing is found. Why is it there? Should I delete it?


  • Jim_Harman
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    I don't know what if anything the Market Adjustment tag is used for, but apparently Quicken applies it automatically to price adjustments in House type asset accounts.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    If you use the Zillow feature and let it update the house balance, it uses that tag for that transaction.  Note that the Zillow feature is a Premier and above feature.  Why they thought this was a good idea, no one knows. No one in the Quicken forums suggested it.
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  • Ray
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    I opened my Home asset account where I've used Zillow and see the "Market adjustment" tag. Why couldn't if find them in my report?

    I clicked in the Payee field of one of the transactions with the "Market adjustment" tag and clicked Show Report. I changed the date to Include all dates so all the transactions show. I opened the report's Customize and found all the tags checked. I unchecked all but "Market adjustment." As expected, this report shows only the transactions with "Market adjustment."

    I picked a transaction without a "Market adjustment" and repeated the customizations. Unexpectedly, this report is empty instead of just showing the transactions with "Market adjustment." I've encountered this before where reports don't obey their settings.
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