Getting "Make Credit Card Payment" screen after accepting downloaded transactions

This is only happening on a Citibank credit card account. The account is NOT set up for "Reconcile using online balance". Not a big deal - can just close window - but it's annoying.


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    Cyclist said:
    This is only happening on a Citibank credit card account. The account is NOT set up for "Reconcile using online balance". Not a big deal - can just close window - but it's annoying.
    Hello @Cyclist,   

    We are sorry about this problem with unusual messages about payments when trying to download transactions. Thank you for looking to the Quicken Community for assistance.

    Is there any way you could provide screenshots of what you're seeing - with personal information redacted as necessary? You can follow the steps explained in this FAQ in order to do this. Also note that you may drag and drop your images into your comment in order to submit images, as well. 

    We look forward to hearing back from you about this. 

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared 
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    Jared - would prefer not to - would be kind of hard to redact info and leave anything to see that would be of much help. Easier to describe, however (I have an IT background, so this really shouldn't be too difficult). I download transactions for all my accounts on a daily basis. The problem only occurs with the CitiBank/COSTCO account. If there are any transactions, when I'm done accepting them, I get the Quicken dialog box that would normally occur upon completion of a reconciliation, asking if I want to make a payment on this credit card account - bear in mind, I'm NOT doing a reconciliation. Normal behavior (as with all other linked credit card accounts) would be to just leave me in the register.
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    Hello @Cyclist,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and providing a description of the issue, though I apologize that you are experiencing this.

    When did this issue first start to occur? Was there any significant change or action that took place prior to when this dialog box started showing up (e.g.: New update installed, backup restored, account being reconnected, etc)?

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Anja
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    Sorry for the delay - yes I believe there were a couple of Quicken updates that have transpired which may have caused this (I always update right of way, and there have been several recently).

    This past weekend I performed my normal monthly manual reconciliation on the account with statement, only to find that all items to date had been auto reconciled, and "Reconcile using online balance" was checked (I definitely confirmed in past that this was NOT checked and I'm not the one who checked it!). Anyhow, I unchecked it, was given the warning that reverting back to manual reconciliation can have bad consequences, but accepted the risk (which I've done before in the distant past).

    I unreconciled all items since the prior manual reconciliation (one month ago), and then proceeded to reconcile the current statement, which went without a hitch.

    Today, I downloaded transactions (as I do daily), and had 3 transactions for this account (which matched register entries). Upon acceptance, I was immediately presented with a reconciliation screen, which I responded "Finish Later" to dismiss it. Checked again to see if the properties for this account have "Reconcile using online balance" checked - it is NOT. My guess is that this is headed for problems again.

    If it's any help, I have daily PIT's (snapshots) stored in the cloud, so I could rollback to a prior instance (for testing only - would rename the data file - too much other "stuff" has changed), but if I'm not mistaken, rolling back and performing a transaction download won't work. I surmise that the last update date/time is stored somewhere else (either in another local file or server-side on Quicken/Bank). If it's local, let me know and I can restore that particular file as well for testing purposes (I could run download with old data set - just for this account - then perform software update (I'm guessing it'll skip to the latest build without performing the several independent updates that probably occurred - so it's not exactly the same sequence that actually happened), and then run an update again and see if the account gets corrupted.

    Anyhow, this is a real pain. BTW - my dataset is just shy of 2GB, but I believe - other than performance - this shouldn't make a difference with the underlying DB (no idea what Quicken uses - proprietary?). I'll run a verify, though I do this as a matter of course occasionally, and haven't had any issues.
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    Anyone else having this problem? Just got this same type of error on separate dataset (.QDF file) which is very small. After accepting a downloaded transaction, I was presented with the reconciliation screen. Selected "Finish Later" just to get out of it. Checked settings for account to see whether "Reconcile using online balance" was selected - it wasn't. What's up with QA with respect to software update testing???
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    I would try toggling "Reconcile using online balance" ON, exiting and restarting Quicken, then toggling it back off. It's not terribly likely, but it is possible that the GUI is out of sync with the actual setting.

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