Does anyone know when is open? When I call, the robot says "closed."

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I really need help rescuing my 20+ year old Quicken Account so I can do my taxes this year. I have not used it since August, 2022, for personal reasons, but I have been trying to get on for the past two months, to no avail. I bought Quicken Support, but can't find anyone to help me. Please tell me what to do. Whenever I call, the robot says it is closed, and I should call during regular hours, but when is that???


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    have you tried calling between 5am - 5 p.m. PDT?  Monday - Friday? 
  • Boatnmaniac
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    The hours for both Phone and Chat are from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
    Phone is available Mon-Fri.
    Chat is available daily.
    If you would care to provide some additional information, perhaps there is someone here in Community who might be able to assist you, as well.
    • Specifically what is the issue you are encountering?
    • Are you using Quicken for Mac or Quicken for Windows?
    • Which edition are you using?  Starter, Deluxe, Premier or Home & Business?
    • Are you using subscription or pre-subscription?  If pre-subscription, which year is it?  If it is subscription, which version are you running and when does the subscription expire?  (You can get this information from Help > About Quicken.)
    (QW Premier Subscription: R47.15 on Windows 11)
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    Screenshot of the support webpage at Quicken Support

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