Page scaling not working in Print Reports

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Page scaling is greyed out in report printing.


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    Hello @htconant@,

    We are sorry about this problem with page scaling settings being unavailable. Thank you for alerting us to this issue here on the Quicken Community.

    Firstly, is your printer's driver up to date? If so, you may try navigating to  File > Copy or Backup File... in the upper menu at the top of the screen, to save a backup. Next, navigate to the same menu and select Validate and Repair File... then click the box next to Reset all printer settings (this will not affect your financial data) and then click the OK button. 

    I look forward to working with you on this, going forward, if need be.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

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    I did that process you described and nothing changed. I did also go to another printer I have at a different location and the Page scaling settings are greyed out for that printer also. And yes, both printers are using up to date manufacturer drivers, not Windows.
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    Hello @htconant@,

    Thank you for taking the time to report your issue here in the Community, though we apologize that you are experiencing this.

    Based on the issue you described, it would be better suited for you to please reach out to Quicken Support directly for further assistance and possible escalation if they see fit.

    We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you.

    -Quicken Anja
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  • htconant@
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    I tried the Chat, which was useless. Is there actually knowledgeable Quicken support people via telephone?
  • Jim_Harman
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    There are more knowledeable people available on the phone but you may have to go through Level 1 support to get to them. When you get through to a person who understands the problem, make sure they see that page scaling works with PDF printers but not with real printers. Be sure to get the ticket number they assign to the problem.

    This is a longstanding issue that often gets muddled with the Print Preview issues associated with the Windows Display Scale setting. To avoid confusion, make sure your display scale is set to 100% when you discuss the issue with Support.

    Good luck a please let us know how it goes!

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