USAA Reauthorization Problems

Dannyboyy Member ✭✭
I recently followed the steps to reauthorize my three USAA Accounts. For some reason, my TruWest Savings account has now become a USAA Credit Card Account. I now have USAA Credit Card transactions posted to my TruWest Savings account. The balances of several accounts are incorrect.

When I open a list of my accounts by entering Ctrl + A, the financial institution for my TruWest Savings has changed to USAA Federal Savings Bank.

Just a moment ago I also discover Quicken wants me to reauthorize my USAA accounts for a second time when I clicked on the symbol to Update All Accounts. The message is-
"Your financial institution connection(s) need an update" and wants me to reauthorize all of my USAA accounts again.

I can see from all the comments others are having lots of problems as well.

Should I restore my quicken data to pre-authorization and wait until all the bugs are worked out?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • JMontgomery40

    I am having the same problem, but Quicken is identifying my banking accounts as CREDIT CARD accounts!

  • Mike O - 101

    Same here. Three days running.

  • Barry T
    Barry T Member ✭✭
    None of my USAA accounts (banking, savings, credit card) are downloading.
  • evidelock
    evidelock Member ✭✭
    I'm haven't gotten downloads on my USAA accounts for the past two days.
  • !henrisahut
    !henrisahut Member ✭✭
    I have the same problem. My USAA Credit Card Account Request Reauthorization every time I try to update the account. I accomplished the steps, and it goes through the process of reauthorization. Then the next time I update it ask me to complete the process again. This happens every time.
  • damons
    damons Member ✭✭

    My quicken is locking up everytime I do an update. I have several USAA accounts but other account also.

  • rcrosby54
    rcrosby54 Member ✭✭
    Since following the reauthorization process none of my USAA credit card tractions are downloading. The balance is updating but individual transactions are not downloading. Interesting enough, my USAA checking accounts are updating just fine. Has Quicken addressed or at least started to?
  • wcaswell
    wcaswell Member ✭✭

    March 10, 2023: No USAA transactions download in the last five days. There are many transactions that I can see on, but they are not downloading into Quicken when I update all accounts.

    I suspect the problem is on USAA's side as I also notice that credit card transactions are listed on with “category pending” for the last seven days' transactions.

  • John Kenny
    John Kenny Member

    I'm having the exact same problem as wcaswell - I assume someone at Quicken is working on this?

  • Hank Bates
    Hank Bates Member ✭✭
    My account file has been corrupted so I cannot depend on it, and USAA still asks me to respond each time I try to download.
    If I cannot depend on my file, why do I need Quicken or USAA at all?
  • Doug G.
    Doug G. Member ✭✭
    Having same issue as some above. Since going thru the re-authorization process with my USAA accounts (approx. on March 5th?) my USAA credit card transactions are no longer downloading to my Quicken software. USAA checking and savings account transactions are downloading just fine however. Tech support at USAA says they are aware of the issue, which is impacting many users, and they are working on the problem. Not sure if this is an admission that the problem is on their end, but at least they are not blaming Quicken at this point.
  • mulder1949
    mulder1949 Member ✭✭
    I have a similar problem. I only have a USAA credit card, but it now want's to put all of the downloaded transactions into my Joint-Savings account. All 6,500 of them. What an absolute mess. I just went through similar problem maybe 90 days ago with Bank of America. I'm beginning to think that no one test drives these changes before implementing them. As of now; downloading transactions is USELESS and a problem maker. Thank God I back up my file before letting Quicken do changes. By the way, did I mention that Quicken support absolutely sucks?
  • bdpainter
    bdpainter Member

    Since updated to the new authorization system, my updates from USAA haven't been working. But if I do “reset account” from the online services tab, it picks up all the transactions. Later updates still won't work, though.

  • Hank Bates
    Hank Bates Member ✭✭
    As usual, still no response.
  • RHP77
    RHP77 Member

    Waiting for a response.

  • Ben Klein
    Ben Klein Member ✭✭✭
    I had the same problems. I had closed accounts that still had the account number and financial institution in the fields for those values. The last four in the closed account were the same as one of my current USAA credit cards that I was having problems with.

    My suggestion, check all your closed accounts including hidden ones. Delete the financial institution and the account number. Then go to the account page, add a new file, and follow the directions. Once Quicken shows the corresponding USAA file check to make sure the correct files are being joined.

    The other issue I had was that on certain accounts the 'opening balance' was changed. Check the online balance at the bottom of the register against the Quicken register balance. If they don't match two possible reasons. 1) The opening balance was changed, if so correct it. 2) I do not know if this is a change but USAA includes pending credit card transactions in the online balance that Quicken displayed at the bottom of the register.
  • tstanek
    tstanek Member

    Same problems. Each time I try to download, I must re-authorize Quicken to USAA in the browser window Quicken presents for me. Then I must map all the links AGAIN.

    Quicken is really getting worse and worse on this stuff. I realize its exponentially harder to keep up security and keep this function working these days. BUT, they cannot get this right with USAA since Quicken was spun off a few years ago.

    Subscribers need to ask for month-for-month refunds or subscription extensions. Don't know how else to raise the priority level with these guys other than depart and leave.

  • damons
    damons Member ✭✭

    Thanks for pointing out the account numbers. I went in and looked at all my accounts, for some reason even my none USAA accounts are linked to trying to update using the USAA login info, and what is worse is everytime I try to reset or deactivate Quicken locks up. I have tried uninstalling Quicken and reinstalling it, no change. I did create a new file and was able to download my data but only my checking. Problem is I would have to transfer all my data over to use that file.

  • highcay
    highcay Member

    My wife and I have separate USAA accounts. We share a checking account but the credit cards are not shared. After an update some time ago, we had to reauthorize Quicken access to USAA. Now, if I get Quicken to sync with my credit cards, it won't find my wife's. If we reauthorize Quicken to access her USAA account, it loses sync with my two cards.

    So, downloads will work with one USAA account or the other, but not both. This was not an issue a month ago.

  • TraKenn
    TraKenn Member

    Since I reauthorized - my account balances are incorrect and the downloads are taking forever or locking up completely. What a mess! This is really frustrating. I am in Quicken daily and now I can't trust any of my account budgets and forecasts. This is unacceptable and I feel that Quicken and USAA should be all over this or they will start losing customers.

  • damons
    damons Member ✭✭
    Looks like they may have fixed it...
  • David Faulkner
    David Faulkner Member ✭✭
    I have run into the same problem (Authorizing USAA accounts every day) for approximately a week. After I connect with USAA to authorize, Quicken opens a window that gives options to either open or use a specific account. The suggested one to use is at my Credit Union. After I open the LONG list of accounts in Tools, I choose the correct account and it downloads all transactions into the correct accounts. I checked on the account it wants to connect to and found that I had not set up the online update in its set-up. Hopefully that solves it--but extra ateps in Quicken update extends the amount of time I have to spend in the mornings and I had to get to work. Perhaps--like a scab appears over a wound--this will "mysteriously" heal...
  • LouieD14
    LouieD14 Member ✭✭

    So, I just spent about an hour and a half on the phone between USAA and Quicken. I have all my accounts syncing and downloading, but when I reconcile the balance I noticed that the pending transactions at USAA need to be "cleared" on Quicken in order to get a Zero difference between the "Cleared Balance" and the "Statement Ending Balance" I need to mark those transactions that show "Pending" in USAA as "Cleared" in Quicken. The reps said it will be a few days before this is cleared up. This is beyond frustrating.

    I just got off the phone with USAA again to confirm the following, for sure when you reauthorize the accounts and search for USAA use the USAA Federal Savings Bank Option (highlighted in yellow) in the attached picture. DO NOT USE USAA FSB Trust Services (highlighted in blue) as that option uses the old Acceess ID and Access PIN

  • BNeu
    BNeu Member

    I just get a blank page after I click allow on the USAA website, back on Quicken, it says the request has timed out. I've talked with USAA tech person who said the request was going through and I was connected, but Quicken doesnt think I am. I've tried multiple times and keep getting messages from USAA that I"m connected,but I'm not. Manually entering data but takes time and is error prone.

  • stuartcmd
    stuartcmd Member ✭✭
    edited March 2023
    I suppose it's good to see I'm not the only one who has had issues with USAA's reauthorization process. I just went through it, and it incorrectly mapped my USAA credit card to a savings account I have with another bank. I had to revert back to a backup file to "un-messup" my accounts. Has there been any word yet from Quicken or USAA about this issue and what, if anything, we should do on our end to ensure that everything gets mapped correctly (aside from calling tech support and being put on hold for hours)?

    Been using Quicken for close to 20 years…I, too, feel that quirks and bugs have crept in that have made the program more frustrating to use over the years.

    Edit: I ended up deactivating *all* my account within Quicken before trying the reauthorization process with USAA again, and I was able to successfully map my checking, savings, and credit card accounts to the proper accounts in Quicken. That said, my opening balance with one of my credit cards got messed up...had to go back all the way to 2003 to reset it. This may be a workaround for those who are having trouble with USAA accounts getting mapped to the wrong place, but for those with lots of accounts in Quicken, it could make for a tedious nightmare of deactivating and reactivating accounts. Not acceptable IMO...Quicken, please get this fixed.
  • BirmanMama
    BirmanMama Member

    I keep receiving emails about reauthorizing USAA, but Quicken still hasn't fixed the connect. FIX THE CONNECTION. Then send me the emails!

  • DoesntMatter

    I'm being asked to re-authorize EVERY SINGLE TIME, which I do every time, and it will only find the same five accounts. All my kids have a checking & savings so we have eight. None of the accounts are 'hidden'. Been happening since Quicken wanted to interject itself and capture all our spending data.

  • Quicken Kristina

    Hello @DoesntMatter,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and telling us about this issue.  I'm sorry to hear you're running into this problem. If you're getting prompted to reauthorize every time, its possible that you still have accounts connected by the old connection method. When you get the reauthorize prompt, it lists the financial institution name, then below that, it shows the individual account names (see sample image below).

    Are the account names it shows you on that screen accounts that are inactive or closed? If so, then you would want to deactivate those accounts and that should stop the constant reauthorize prompt.

    You mentioned there are 8 accounts, but only 5 that show up. Are you the primary account holder on all 8 accounts? If not, you may need to use the login for the primary account holder to be able to connect those other accounts. Are the 3 accounts that aren't listed savings accounts? If they are, I'd recommend taking a look at this Community Alert and see if the actions it recommends resolve that issue.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina

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