Citi and Bank of America Online Bills are changing

As if the recent +1 month long ongoing American Express reauthorization fiasco in Quicken for Windows was not painful enough (see by @Quicken Anja), Citi and Bank of America online billing may be adding insult to injury by undergoing their own changes later this month (see “Citi_BankOfAmerica_Changes.JPG”).

We can only hope Quicken will adequately test this upcoming rollout for when user have, like I do, multiple Citi credit card accounts setup in Quicken and each credit card has its own Citi sign-in credential for the transaction downloads and Quick Pay.

Does anyone from the Quicken development team know if “Check Pay” will then be the only form of payment for either Citi or Bank of America?

Here are some discussions on the American Express reauthorization problem:

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  • JLP1976
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    I was hoping this change would resolve the online bill issues with my Citi credit card. It has not. I made the changes required (switching from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect). My March statement closed on 17Mar2023, and here on 31Mar I still have no online statement in Quicken. I have only recently tried using the online bill feature. Quite frankly, I see very little value in it. All of my bills are paid via billers autopay system, so I have no need for a subscription payment service. I thought it would be valuable to get a downloaded statement balance shortly after closing that I enter through my linked reminder. As it is, I get an email reminder from the biller shortly after statement closing, and I get nothing from Quicken. Further, I removed Citi as an online biller, and now I'm getting reminders that "Quicken has detected bills from your connected Online Accounts." Thanks for nothing.
  • Stripedbass411
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    Citi's credit card only form of payment from Quicken is now "Check Pay" which beings no value to Quicken for a reliable immediate payment solution. Those of us that use Quicken "Quick Pay" for other institutions can only hope those institutions don't follow in Citi's footsteps.

    After changing both my Quicken Citi accounts to "Check Pay" the first account payment in the form of a check did work in Quicken. Now its up to the USPS to make the check delivery on time. Quite the opposite of what I am used to and a step into the past.

    Does anyone know if Citi's change to "Check Pay" is a permanent one or only temporary while system changes are made like American Express had done?
  • cyberphile
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    Well, it looks like the adventure continues. This notification just showed up when I started Quicken just now. It was not there yesterday.

    Thanks for the advance notice Quicken!

  • Boatnmaniac
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    You did not see the attachment in the 1st post of this thread? It shows that Quicken announced this change back at least as long ago as Mar 9. You should have gotten the notification back then, too.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.26 on Windows 11)

  • cyberphile
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    No, I did not see that announcement re BofA. I did get screwed over with the Citi Bank Visa card fiasco. We are paying Quicken directly for this service and BofA indirectly through merchant usage fees (and possibly interest). It is not too much to expect that production services work smoothly through backend changes. This is basic functionality in Quicken. (Let's not even start on the TurboTax → Quicken saga).

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