Citi and Bank of America Online Bills are changing

As if the recent +1 month long ongoing American Express reauthorization fiasco in Quicken for Windows was not painful enough (see by @Quicken Anja), Citi and Bank of America online billing may be adding insult to injury by undergoing their own changes later this month (see “Citi_BankOfAmerica_Changes.JPG”).

We can only hope Quicken will adequately test this upcoming rollout for when user have, like I do, multiple Citi credit card accounts setup in Quicken and each credit card has its own Citi sign-in credential for the transaction downloads and Quick Pay.

Does anyone from the Quicken development team know if “Check Pay” will then be the only form of payment for either Citi or Bank of America?

Here are some discussions on the American Express reauthorization problem:

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