Repeatedly having to "Reset Account" for transactions to download

Over the last couple of months, I have needed to "Reset Account" in "Online Services" tabs of my accounts to get the transactions to download.

Transactions cease to download but One-Step-Update completes successfully. See screen shot #1 and note that CapitalOne says it was successful but the date still set to 3/5/2023. which correlates with the last transaction downloaded. (today's date is 3/12/23)

I reset the account and 16 transactions were downloaded. See screen shot #2

This is happening on all of my accounts, not just CapitalOne, but I can't detect any pattern.


  • ddilday8
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    I have the same issue with all the banks I connect to. I've reset multiple accounts but this didn't fix ro change my results at all. I'm using the latest version of Quicken for Windows. This issue is for any account I connect via the new Express Web Connect+

  • Tom Young
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    One aspect of EWC+ that has never really been addressed by Quicken is the “token” that, presumably, makes ESP+ more secure than ESP. That is, instead of the aggregator transmitting your User ID and Password to financial institutions it sends it a token that identifies your account. The token gets created when you authorise the financial institution to provide the account information to the aggregator.

    These tokens are supposed to expire from time to time and it's unclear how long a token is good for. You'd think that if a token expires and you go to do a One Step Update that the aggreator would understand that the token needs “refreshing” and would pass that information back to Quicken, so that Quicken would tell you “You need to reauthorize downloading from {Name]”, but it doesn't.

  • bmackey55
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    @Tom Young - Are you saying that having to execute the "Reset Account" function every couple of weeks is expected behavior?
  • Tom Young
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    No, I'm not. I'm really just making the point that it seems like Quicken should be in a position to inform it's users that a re-authorization to permit downloading is needed because the token has expired, but it doesn't.

    As it's happened, two or three times now I've realized that an Account using EWC+isn't receiving downloads even though Quicken's One Step Update Summary tells me that all financial institutions have been updated. In these instances I've found that resetting these Accounts takes me back through the authorization process. I can only speculate that this happends because a token has expired, but I don't really know that. I think Quickern could be telling me that at the time the token has expired.

  • MLC
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    edited March 23
    This has been happening to me constantly, multiple times per week. Doesn't matter what accounts - Discover, Wells Fargo, all of them.

    I reset Discover this past weekend and as of today it is no longer updating; and the only way that I know this is by going to reconcile and looking at the "balance as of" date.

    I'm so sick of this I'm going to just turn off One Step Update and download transactions manually. That has become more reliable than having to babysit this thing all of the time.