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Can anyone help ?

I currently have Quicken Deluxe - My subscription EXPIRES 5-9-2023 - I just purchased and received a one year subscription at NEWEGG —- If possible , I want to enter the activation code today ( 3-14-23 ) to extend my current subscription until 5-9-2024 Can I do this without losing the 56 days ?

The reason I ask , I just got out of a chat —-the representative said If " i renew now - my new expiration date would be 3-14-24 "

His response did not sound right- so I looked further and found others on here being told the same ( from chat ) but the website states differently

Sounds like a simple question — that deserves a simple answer— but then again its " Quicken "

please advise

thanks Bob


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    I can't guarantee what will happen today but when I renewed back in November 2022 my subscription that was expiring in January 2023 was renewed until January 2024. It was a simple process of just entering the activation code from the disk I had purchased online. I did it from the program help menu, manage subscription. You can't renew more than 6 mos in advance of expiraton and your purchased program cannot be specified for new subscribers.

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    Hello @Mrtanman,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community and informing us about this, though I apologize for being misinformed by the support agent you spoke with!

    You are correct in that entering your activation code now, will extend your subscription by 1 year from your current expiration date without losing 56 days. As for the agent you spoke with, I will go ahead and pull the interaction to be reviewed and forward it to our support management team so the agent can be coached appropriately.

    Thank you!

    -Quicken Anja
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