The Community Meetup-March 2023 Edition

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This is a short and late one this month. I just wanted to share a sort of PSA with you all. We know if you have used Quicken, you most likely have come across a pesky error or an issue that you cannot resolve. We do not wish this upon you, your friends, your family-NOBODY. We know it is incovenient and want to help. In this month's issue, I discuss what you can do, especially when posting an issue in Community, that will best help us, help you.

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  • Jim_Harman
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    The improvement I would most like to see would be prompt acknowledgement and resolution of problems.

    When we encounter a problem, is it sufficient to carefully describe it using Help > Report a Problem as described above, or do we also need to contact Support via phone or chat?

    Do problems get a higher priority if more people report them?

    How can we tell for sure that a problem has been acknowledged and is being worked on?

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  • Quicken Janean
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    Hi @Jim_Harman, That is the goal! I think what slows down the process of reporting the issue is we are often in need of more information from the user, like logs and screenshots. This is typically at the request of the developers and the team that looks into these issues. If this information is submitted at the beginning of someone reporting the issue, the faster we can submit it and it will be looked into.

    Otherwise, you have us moderators coming back to a growing thread asking for those details. That is why I posted this. I am trying to encourage users to submit that right from the get go. Many times, I have to check each user in the thread to see if anyone submitted logs/screenshots.

    We are also currently providing more updates and sharing those details in the alerts more often.

    You have always been great at providing very clear troubleshooting steps that you have taken and always provide clear descriptions of issues and it is greatly appreciated.

    -Quicken Janean

    Quicken Janean

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