Chase Accounts CC-800 or Quicken deleting Amazon/Chase accounts

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Started tonight. Went to Chase site to verify and allow Quicken. Shows as accounts already authorized. Successful but does not change the error. Endless loop. I get the confirmation emails from Chase. So something else going on.

Hope to see it fixed by morning. I DID send a report to Quicken with logs.

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  • Bob.
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    CC-800 FAQ not working. Still shows authorized for all accounts at Chase.

  • Bob.
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    OK, got both my Chase CC accounts back. Learned something along the way. You cannot deactivate just one account if you have more than one. MUST do all.

    I had deactivated one account to try yesterday. This morning the other account was corrected automatically. But nothing I could do would get the other to stop CC-800 failure. And, where there was one entry in OSU for Chase previously, now one entry for EACH of my Chase accounts.

    Finally I deactivated both. Closed and reopened Quicken. Added both back and all was working again. Including only one entry for Chase in OSU.

    All good for another day….

  • JoshD
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    Sorry but this is ridiculous. WE shouldn't have to do anything to fix something that's been working for months or years. Somebody at either Quicken or Chase changed it and they need to change it back. Every day I get a CC-800 error. Every day, I reauthorize my accounts. Every day it happens again. Quicken is NOT free. It's an annual subscription. We pay for it. They (Quicken) need to fix this!
  • Bob.
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    @joshD Chase made the change. Quicken tries to keep up with all the changes the banks foist upon us all.

    Most people have this working now and definitely do not havie to authorize every day. I agree, Quicken could make this less painful, but there is a lot iof juggling on 100's of financial institutions.

    If YOU have to authorize every day, report an issue through Quicken and chat with support. There is no way without a painful amount of detail on what you are doing to even try to find out why you are unique. Support has tools we users do not. Its your best bet.

  • mtn_living
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    I had same experience this morning as yesterday. On first one step update Chase accounts showed CC-800, accounts deleted error. Closed Quicken, restarted, on second one step update all normal and worked fine.

  • Laura111
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    I have a regular Chase credit card account. My wife has an Amizin prime account, Now suddenly, after the latest update, Quicken deleted the Prime account. When I go to restore the Prime account, Quicken deletes the other Chase account. Apparently Quickem has decide you are not allowed to have two seperate accounts at Chase.

  • Laura111
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    I have a regular Chase credit card account. My wife has an Amazon Prime account.

    Now suddenly, after the latest update, Quicken deleted the Amazon Prime account.
    When I go to restore the Prime account, Quicken deletes the other Chase account.
    Apparently Quicken has decided you are not allowed to have two separate accounts at Chase.

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    @Laura111 - FYI - had your other duplicate posting deleted - easier to follow & reply to just one thread… here -

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, though we apologize that you are experiencing this.

    We have forwarded this issue to the proper channels to have this further investigated. However, we request that you please navigate to Help > Report a problem within your Quicken program and submit a problem report with log files and screenshots attached in order to contribute to the investigation. While you will not receive a response through this submission, these reports will help our teams further investigate the issue. The more problem reports we receive, the better.

    We apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime! Thank you.


    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Laura111
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    Well once again Quicken has failed to fix an ongoing problem with my Chase accounts. This is an issure that popped up after an undate a week ago. I have a Chase cresit card account ans so does my wife. The accounts have seperate logins at Chase. Quicken use the handle this with no problem until recently. Now it seems Quicken can no longer handle two seperate accounts at the same bank. On an One Step Update I get the CC-800 error and says one of my Chase accounts has been deleted. When I reset the deleted account it resets OK but I get an error message saying it can't find the other Chase account and then it promptly deletes that account. I tried deactivating both accounts and then reactivating again but nothing seems to work. This is getting really aggravating.

  • mike caldwell
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    I have four CCs at Chase; been there for years. Quicken never had a problem. Now it will not fetch any data from one of them, and following a Reset it does not offer the choice of "Connect to existing" or "Add new" dialogs, just nothing (but the card number is listed). Then it says "Card account 1234 was not found at Chase. You should disable it from One Step Update."

  • Laura111
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    I have the same issue. Apparently Quicken can no longer handle more than one account at a bank if one of the accounts has a different username & password. It will delete one of the accounts. When you go to reactivate the deleted account, it will reactivate that account but delete another one thus you will keep going in circles.

  • mjonis
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    Yet another day and another random CC-800 with Chase. It'll probably disappear magically in a few days and then magically re-appear a week later. Can't believe I'm paying for this.

  • Quicken Janean
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    Hi All, Can you please clarify if you are still experiencing this issue? Thanks!

    Quicken Janean

  • Bob.
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    This problem resolved for me.

  • Sof
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    im still having this problem with both Chase Amazon Prime cad and Chase Southwest airlie card