How do you get a report to print and use enough of the page to you can actually read it?

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Of course scaling does not work so I have to export to Excel and reformat.

Quicken continues to degrade to the point of going back to Excel.

I suppose that's what happens when a mortgage company buys the business.


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    Quicken has never been owned by a mortgage company. Quicken used to be part of Intuit, Intuit sold it in 2016 to H.I.G. Capital and in 2021 majority ownership passed to Aquiline Capital Partners.

    The printing of reports in Quicken has always been pretty primative and I don't think it's materially changed, for better or worse, over the years.

    It's not clear if you're referring to "scaling" with reference to the print preview or the actual printing to paper. Here's a fairly recent discussion that might help one way or the other:

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    There may be two annoying issues at work here.

    Does the print area look small in Print Preview but OK with the printed reports? Quicken's print preview is incorrect if your Windows print scaling is set to anything other than 100%. To check/change, right click on the Windows desktop and pick Display settings. This may make the text look tiny on your screen, but at least the print preview will be correct. You can change it back when you are done printing.

    Also for some reason with Quicken, print scaling, which adjusts how much of the report is printed on each page, only works with the Quicken PDF printer driver. You can select that virtual printer, adust the scaling, and print to a PDF file.

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