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I want to move from Windows to Mac but the Mac version is lacks basic reporting for the investment accounts. Some issues:
1) Investment Activity Report is missing.
2) Cannot move other cash account (e.g., Savings account) into the investment area.


  • Hello @David Linkin,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community. I'm sorry to hear Quicken for Mac does not have all the reports you need. We do have a Product Ideas section of the Community where Users can request new features and add their votes for existing requests they'd like to see added to Quicken. Here is a link to the investments (Mac) part of the Product Ideas section.

    I hope that helps!

    Quicken Kristina

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    I've only ever used the Mac products, so could you describe what data you want in the investment activity report? If it's just a list of transactions in an account, or group of accounts, that's easy to generate in Quicken Mac.

    I would disagree that Quicken Mac lacks basic reporting for investments. It's possible to create many different investment reports in Quicken Mac, but everything is done from the Portfolio screen. If you want a report showign performance of your accounts or securities, you can generally get what you need. You can't save customized reports, so you have to tweak the filters/settings each time you want a specific report. I'm sure there are some advanced reports you can't construct in Quicken Mac's Portfolio, but basic rerporting is definitely do-able. It's annoying, but for most people, workable. We continue to hope (and expect) the developers will add more robust, saveable investment reports in the future.

    It's true that you can't rearrange accounts in the left sidebar of accounts. But other than the aesthetics of grouping accounts the way you might prefer, this doesn't get in the way of any functionality in using Quicken Mac. For instance, transfering money between brokerage and savings accounts is easy to accomplish, even though one is under "Cash" and the other under "Investing" in the sidebar.

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