Where do you report new issues?


Installed the latest update. It is giving me a constant error for U.S. Bank connection. Says it has a new way to connect. Went through process first time, 2nd time, 3rd time, and it continues. Successful each time, but what a Pain in the ****!! Please fix this bug in the software and also make it easier to submit bug reports, let alone find out if others are having the same issue. Your website is a complete MESS when it comes to finding a like problem someone is having. I feel like rain man trying to navigate through the website.


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    To report an issue, you can use Help > Report a Problem within Quicken. But that's a one-way channel; you will not get a reply, and won't know if Quicken sees the problem.

    For connectivity errors like this, I think you'll do best calling Quicken Support. A representative can screen share with you to troubleshoot, and they can either get you re-connected or they can pul the log files to document the issue to pass to the developers.

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