Cannot Reset Password / Sign into account

I could not signin to my Quicken account due to invalid creds (never had changed anything).

I reset my password no less than 10 times, got confirmation and still Invalid Credentials.

Tried 2 different computers ( each with / without VPN) as well as my phone on 4G, all to the same conclusion. P/w change confirmed, cannot signin to PC due to invalid credentials.

Reboot (per support chat, should work?!?!? lol)

Tried Brave, Firefox, Edge and IE on each computer and Brave/Firefox on my phone.

Been a Quicken user for over 20 years and was trying to signin to reup. If this can't be fixed, I will have to try something else.


Support - this e-mail is not my quicken ID. I had to create a new one due to not being able to sign in.


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