Create new data file from QWeb? (Q Mac)

Ron Myers
Ron Myers Member ✭✭
Two days ago I migrated data from OLD computer to NEW computer. But my Quicken data DID NOT transfer. When I click “Q” icon, NOTHING happens.
How can I create a new data file for Q app?


  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Unfortunately, Quicken Web cannot be used to restore the desktop database. It's not designed to work that way.

    Do you still have access to the old computer or its hard drive?

    Your Quicken file may not have come over because Quicken by default, kind of hides the file location. The default file location is Hard Drive > Users > (your username) > Library > Application Support > Quicken. This is also the default location for automatic backups. Hopefully you can locate the file on the old machine and move it over.

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  • smayer97
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    I agree that you should be able to track down the original file as long as you have access to the original computer. That is the best route.

    That said, at one point Quicken did provide a means to create a new data file from the Quicken Cloud. This is really intended for when someone starts using QWeb first, then eventually wants to create a desktop data file. I know there were problems with this so I am not sure if all the issues around this have been worked out. But this is not a method I would depend on, as it carries some risks, one of which is that if Quicken sync was ever reset, the data on the cloud would only start with the last 2 years of data from the desktop data file, so QWeb may be incomplete. In other words, it cannot be relied upon as a backup strategy.

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  • Ron Myers
    Ron Myers Member ✭✭
    Problem resolved. Data apparently remained accessible in app, but I had to create a new version, then reinstall account-by-account. Lots of history lost, but at least I'm back in business.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    @Ron Myers You shouldn't need to lose your history moving from one computer to another. Do you still have access to your old computer? The original live data file, as well as Quicken-generated backups, should be on the old computer.

    And it's possible the backups were transferred to your new computer as well. In the Finder, hold down the Option key and pull down the Go menu to select Library; then open the Application Support folder and look for a Quicken folder. within that, look for the Backups folder to see if it contains any of your old data file backups or only the one since you started on the new computer.

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  • Ron Myers
    Ron Myers Member ✭✭
    Your advice is spot on, "Jacobs". That's how I eventually found the missing pieces.
  • rachelgomez
    rachelgomez Member ✭✭
    After migrating data to your new computer, your Quicken data did not transfer, and clicking the Quicken icon does not open the application. However, your data is up to date on Quicken Web. To create a new data file for the Quicken app, first, ensure Quicken is properly installed on your new computer. Then, locate your Quicken data file from the old computer and copy it to the new computer. Open Quicken on the new computer and choose the option to create a new data file. Finally, import your existing data into the new file. Contact Quicken Support if you encounter any issues or need further assistance. Remember to maintain backups of your Quicken data files.

    Rachel Gomez
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