Quicken is downloading transactions that have not cleared at the bank.

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For the past 2 week every time I go to reconcile in Bank of America I don't balance because Quicken is downloading transactions that are still processing & have not cleared. If the transactions have not cleared at the bank it should not be brought in & downloaded. Anyone else experiencing this?


  • Tom Young
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    The downloading of "pending" transactions with credit card accounts has been an ongoing issue now for some months(?) so If you're referring to a credit card account at BofA, I'm not surprised. Plenty of reports of this problem have been associated with BofA, but also with other banks too.

    This problem seems to be associated with BofA's decision to drop Direct Connect as the downloading method in favor of EWC+ (which is cheaper for them) and the whole issue of Quicken "syncing" with Quicken's/Intuit's servers. Some users have reported that if they download in the evening they'll get these pending transactions, but next morning's download will show these transactions having moved from "pending" to "posted", so you might try that.

    This really is a problem that is best addressed directly to Official Quicken Support. https://www.quicken.com/support#windows

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