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I have a Quicken on the Web “new product idea” that would be very helpful to me.

My elderly father and I both run quicken (on two different computers), but as my father ages I spend more time fixing problems that he creates than I care to admit (fixes and reconciliations are performed remotely via a shared desktop using MS TEAMS). I have concluded that it will be more efficient for me to take over responsibility for his quicken file (and many if not all of his routine bills) than to debug his constant stream of vexing quicken errors.

If I take this on, I will need to maintain the quicken data file on my computer, but I would like him to have “READ-ONLY access so that he can have insight into the financial process, but he can’t mess up the data.

Would it be possible for Quicken to provide a mechanism (second username/password, other) for my Dad to have READ-ONLY access using “Quicken on the Web” to a data file that I manage (for him) on my computer.

PS – I am now running Quicken Premier on the Mac (and happy with the product).

Thank you.

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