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I have been a Quicken user for very many years and currently have a Windows version of Quicken Deluxe 2014. I purchased this from the USA but use it in the UK and from the outset it was set up in £sterling. It works fine. Obviously some of the banking automatic functions not work and I have to manually insert data but this is not a problem.

My question is this, can I subscribe (from the UK) to the latest subscription based Mac version of Quicken Premier and instal this on my desktop i Mac ? I do not need to import any of the old Quicken data. This would be a fresh instal which I would again set up in £ sterling.

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    The subscription is for both the Windows and the Mac versions. You might have fake the address using and address in the US (for the registration, but not the payment) like use the US embassy, but it should work. You can in fact convert your Quicken Windows data to Quicken Mac if you like. Given that there isn't really much difference in the Mac version between Premier and Deluxe (features you aren't even going to be able to use), I recommend the Deluxe edition instead.

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    Another option you might want to consider is to install a Windows emulator, such as Parallels, on your iMac. Then you can install your QWin 2014 on your iMac and run it with your current QWin 2014 data file.

    There are several benefits if you do this:

    • You can continue to use your QWin 2014 data file so you can retain all of your financials history in that single data file.
    • There will be no need to start a fresh data file or convert it from Windows to Mac.
    • If/when you later decide to go back to a Windows system, you will not need to convert the data file back to Windows (which will cause some data loss…notably investments data).
    • QWin and QMac are different programs. The UIs are different so there will be a learning curve for you. And I will say it, again, QWin has more features than does QMac.
    • You will not need to pay for Quicken Subscription every year for online services you will never be able to use. (You could opt to not renew your subscription after the 1st year and continue to use QMac. But then about 25% of your screen will be taken up by banners reminding you to renew your subscription. There is no way to remove those banners except by resubscribing.)

    There are actually quite a few people with Macs who do this for some or all of these reasons.

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    You will not need to pay for Quicken Subscription every year for online services you will never be able to use.

    But… you may pay if you select the more widely-used Mac emulation platform (Parallels), and likely on a subscription to keep up with macOS changes. And perhaps a Windows license. And you have to maintain both Windows and Mac operating systems, including anti-virus, backups, etc. I'm not saying Windows emulation on a Mac is necessarily a bad idea, but it's important to consider all that it entails.

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