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It would be nice to have a bulk delete of securities that can be deleted, rather than having to do them one at a time. How about it quicken?

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  • jklein1
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    Some additionally context - when you archive investment transactions, you will then have securities that are likely no longer interesting. And if you remove the archive account (I do so but have a backup that still has the archive), then all of those securities that have no shares remaining are candidates for deletion (another issue is that I have securities that have no shares held but are for whatever reason not able to be deleted). Basically, I'm after a feature of shrink my file by removing price history, securities, etc that are no longer referenced.

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    Curious, how much did the archiving shrink your file?

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    Hello @jklein1,

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    I actually tried this and hated the results.

    I had plenty of no-longer-held securities, so I archived all my investment accounts, deleted the newly created archive accounts, and removed unused securities.

    But this put my historical data completely out of whack. I could no longer see the history of my net worth, for example, and all investment reports were historically inaccurate.

    I reverted to the version of my file which contained the archive accounts and it all looks better once I customized the relevant reports to include the archive accounts. I've hidden the archive accounts but I still need them to exist.

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  • q_lurker
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    Basically, I'm after a feature of shrink my file by removing price history, securities, etc that are no longer referenced.

    Deleting the securities from the security list does not delete the price history information for that security. If that now deleted security had a ticker and I later create a new security with that same ticker, I find that old price history resurrected.

    Also, the price history data is internally separate from the basic QDF file data. The QDF file you see via Windows in a folder is actually a zip-style file that internally contains the true QDF file and a QPH file for the price history data.

    While such data deletion efforts may reduce file size of backups, they rarely seem to improve program speed performance.