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Long time Quicken user and I have never been more disappointed about the paycheck corruption problem and communication from Quicken. Looks like I was impacted and I have restored from backup 5 times and reentered transactions 5 times (took over 20 hours) and each time the issue just comes right back when I reopen the file.

I just came across this post today -

I wish that Quicken had proactively communicated with me about this over the last 3 months while I kept trying to fix this issue by restoring from a backup that did not seem to have this issue.

Looks like the solution for me is to go back to a backup before 3/4, restore it and reenter all my transactions. is that correct? There are some references to version numbers on the backup. My backup before 3/4 is on 2/2 and has a version number of 46.12. Is that ok for me start my restore journey. I have to enter 5 months of transactions now (1000s). So I want to do this only once.

Can someone definitively say that starting with this backup and catching up will resolve this issue in one attempt.

btw, is there any other option. I have a backup from June that i was using to restore. When I restore, I do not see the issue. Then I catch up all transactions and save. When I reopen the issue is back. is there any way for me to salvage this from that backup with the latest software. That is much easier for me as I have to only enter one month transaction.

Please Please Help me. I have lost all trust in Quicken.


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    I suggest that you follow the recovery steps in the post that you linked above, which I am repeating here. Let's let others review them for a few days in case I have missed anything. For example, if you have enabled Cloud Sync so you can use the Quicken phone apps or Quicken on the Web, there may be additional steps needed to make sure your cloud dataset is not also corrupted.


    Go to Reports > Net Worth and Balances and view the built in Net Worth and Account Balances Reports. Do these reports both show different current balances than your registers?

    When did you first see this problem? Was it before or after Mar. 4 2022, when R39.17 was first released?

    Previous to the current version, did you ever have R39.17 or R39.21 installed?

    In the affected account(s), have you ever used the Paycheck Wizard to enter split transfers in your paycheck?

    If your answers are Yes affects both reports, first seen after Mar. 4 2022, Yes ran R39.17 or R39.21, and Yes have used Paycheck Wizard, you have probably encountered the problem discussed at great length in the second link below.

    If this is your problem, you should update to R39.23 or newer if you have not already. The newer versions fix this problem going forward, but they do not repair the damage caused by R39.17 and R39.21.

    Then print a report that shows all the transactions you have entered since the problem occurred, in case you need to re-enter them. To do this, go to Reports > Banking transactions. Set the Date range to Custom and set the starting date to 3/4/2022. Choose Subtotal by Account. Click the Customize gear at the top right of the report and check the Show splits box. Under Show Columns, you can un-check the Tax item box to make the report narrower. Click OK to display the report. Adjust the column widths if necessary, then print the report.

    Then you should back up your current data file in case you want to return to it and restore a backup from before you installed R39.17. This would be about March 4. Verify that the problem is no longer present in the restored backup.

    If the problem is still present in the restored backup, you have a different problem. You should return to your newer file and investigate further.

    If the problem is not present in the restored backup, you will have to keep the backup and re-enter any transactions you entered since then. 

    Accept Reminders as you normally would. Be careful when accepting Bill Pay reminders to avoid double payments. Then you can download transactions and accept them as you normally would. Compare the transactions in your registers to those in the report you printed earlier and enter anything that is missing. 

    You can download missing security prices from the Investing > Portfolio page. Click on Update then Historical prices. If you choose Month, you will get daily prices for the past 30 days. For one to 11 months ago, you will get Friday prices, and before that you will get month-end prices.

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    First, turn off mobile/web/cloud sync.

    Next, don't restore from backup. Restoring from backup forces a cloud sync, which just puts the bad data back in your restored file.

    Instead of restoring from backup, copy the backup file, rename the file so you know where it came from, and open the renamed backup file copy.

    Then start your data rebuilding. Make copies of the in-process rebuilt file as you go so if you find an issue part way through the rebuild process you don't have to start the rebuild over from the beginning.

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