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Until the last 48 hours I had no issue syncing 2 separate logins with different accounts from Chase bank. Now all of a sudden, it is trying to sync ALL Chase accounts with a single login, which won't work because we have separate accounts with separate logins. It simply deactivates all of the accounts that are not on whichever account I activate. It just flip flops back and forth. When you activate one account and login with those credentials, it gives back and error like the image attached for all of the accounts not under that login.

Anyone else seeing this?


  • Quicken Jasmine

    Hello @animatrix1,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community, though I do apologize that you are experiencing this issue.

    Before I can further assist you, I require some more information. When did you first notice this issue? After a recent update? If so, which update? Do you receive any error codes or messages? What exactly occurs when attempting to add your accounts or download transactions?

    I look forward to your response.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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    Hi @animatrix1 - I just experience the same thing today. @Quicken Jasmine here is what happened…

    I have 4 Chase accounts for under my login, and another Chase account under my wife's login. Prior to today, they were independent of each other. If I did a full update, both downloaded. If I clicked on any of "my" 4 accounts and did and update, just those 4 downloaded. And vice versa, if I did the update from my wife's account, only here 1 account downloaded.

    I recent picked up another Chase CC and went to do the setup in Quicken. At the end of the setup, it said my wife' acc was "not found and should be disabled" from the update. And it has a red circle next to it. When I try to activate her account, it then says it cannot find my 5 accounts and disables them.

    I turned off updates for all accounts, mine and hers. When I activate mine, it shows only my 5 accounts, but at the end it says it cannot find hers. And then it starts all over again when I go to hers.

  • dmcnish
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    @Quicken Jasmine - I meant to add, prior to the last attempt to setup/activate the wife's account (my 5 were just setup and active), I went to the Edge browser and cleared all cookies/etc - the thinking being that maybe something there was confusing things. I don't see how because when I connect to Chase to authorize my login credentials are different from my wife's.

    I also noticed that when I look at the Password Vault - it only shows ONE entry for Chase - even though there are two separate accounts.

    I have mixed accounts at other CC providers and those still show separate entries in the password vault.

    My guess is that during the authorization process, Quicken cannot differentiate that two different logins are being used.

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    I don't know what has gone wrong for you, but you have some misconceptions that I would like to point out.

    Chase is using Express Web Connect +. Express Web Connect + doesn't use a username/password to access your data. It uses a security token. You should be seeing this in your password vault:

    What happens is that during the authorizing process you log into Chase and tell them to allow Intuit to access your data. Quicken Inc pays Intuit for these connection services. Intuit uses a rotating security token to get your Chase data. The flow is like this:

    Quicken (the program) ← → Quicken Cloud Services/Quicken Cloud data set ← → Intuit ← → Financial institution

    And as such Express Web Connect + there isn't a direct connection between the "Account/Institution" you see in Quicken and what gets fetched.

    My wife and I have joint accounts at Chase plus our IRAs.

    This is one checking account, two credit cards, and one joint brokerage account and then we each have one traditional IRA account and one Roth IRA account. All of this is downloaded using just "Chase" and "Chase Investments - New".

    When I set it up I started with "Chase" for the noninvestment accounts and connected all of those accounts to Quicken while logged in as me. Come to think of it, we only have one login for those accounts, but that isn't the case for the investment accounts that have to be separate.

    Next, I setup with "Chase Investments - New" for all of my accounts and included the joint brokerage account.

    Then I setup with "Chase Investments -New", but with my wife's login. Ignored the joint brokerage account but included her IRA accounts.

    The end result only one entry for Chase, and one for Chase Investments - New while doing the One Step Update.

    Now I will point out at times I have had two entries like "Chase Investments - New mine" and "Chase Investments - New hers". Quicken seems to be a bit inconsistent of "combining" these depending on just how everything gets setup. But the main point I want to make is certainly possible for multiple user accounts to be updated at a financial institution all at the same time with Express Web Connect +.

    This is my website:
  • PM
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    @Quicken Jasmine - am having the same problem with my Chase credit card accounts and my Mom's Chase credit card account which I manage for her. If I set online access using my credentials I get the "not found and should be disabled" message for my Mom's account. If I go back and try to set up my Mom's account I get the not found message for my Chase credit cards. This has not been a problem until recently so I am not sure what is going on.

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