Will not download from Kohl's

I tried resetting the account as well as deactivating the account and attempting to reactivate it. It keeps saying that it cannot connect to Kohl's Credit Cards.



  • Boatnmaniac
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    Kohl's made some website/system changes about about 2 months ago and it appears they did not take into account (or did not properly test it) for 3rd party financial softwares such as Quicken (not just Quicken….others as well). They have not yet fixed the issue and until they do downloads from Kohl's cannot be done.

    An Alert was posted about this: ONGOING 8/7/23 Kohl's Credit Card- CC-502/FDP-102, CC-505/FDP-105.

    There are also many other active discussion threads posted. In the search bar type Kohl's or Kohls to see them listed.

    Until the issue is resolved, the only way to get transaction entered into your online account is to manually enter them.

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  • As I have posted before, when I sign into my Kohl's credit card account, I use credit.kohls.com.

    Quicken uses kohl.com

    Quicken should maybe at least try credit.kohls.com instead.

  • Boatnmaniac
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    The kohls.com that we see in Quicken is for our reference only. If you click on it in Quicken you will be taken to the correct logon webpage.

    We should not assume that Quicken is trying to connect via any URL that we see in Quicken. How Quicken connects to Kohl's and any other financial institution is not something the Quicken software provides any insight into. All I have been told is that Quicken connects to financial institutions very differently from how we do it.

    FYI: The FIDIR file (the file that tells Quicken which financial institutions support Quicken, which connection methods they support and which types of accounts they support in Quicken) does include the credit.kohls.com URL as is shown in this extraction.:

    25122 25122 25122 Kohls Credit Card https://www.kohls.com/ 1-800-564-5740 https://credit.kohls.com/ecs/auth/?cid=AAAA4151001 ACTIVE CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT NOT_QBP NA

    Also, the FIDIR file is controlled by Intuit, not by Quicken. While Quicken is no longer owned by Intuit it is still very dependent upon Intuit and is Intuit's customer for the FIDIR file and as the aggregator.

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  • This has been a long term issue, Any idea when you will fix it?

  • Pat H
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    As of 9/25/2023, I haven't been able to connect to my USAA or Kohl's accounts for days. Any idea when this will be fixed?

  • pbergnj
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    Hi all,

    Same issue with Kohls Credit Card here (also when trying to add, look at screen capture). Poor user experience overall. Says it's "not my fault". Is Quicken looking into this at all?

  • Pat H
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    What is going on?? In less than a week I can't download from USAA, Elan, Home Depot or Kohl's!!!

  • As of 9/27/23 this is still an issue. When trying to add a Kohl's credit card you get the message "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.)

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    Wow!!!! [Edited - Readability]

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  • Still a problem on 10/4! Any update on time frame?!

  • jbrule
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    Kohl's has been broken since June or July.

    As I look at my account list, it seems that I now have more accounts that can't synch for one reason or another, versus accounts that can synch successfully.

    Remind me again why I continue to use this product?

    There needs to be a more aggressive stance taken by Quicken to resolve these issues.

  • Pat H
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    I agree. I had four accounts that stopped syncing within a few days when Quicken decided to "update its logo." Only one of them has been resolved, and yet I have to pay the full price for a product that only partially works. Any chance Quicken will give credit for only providing partial service?

  • EricWoods
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    Kohl's connection still broken on 10/12/23.

  • Jp0731
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    Still does not work for me. I am guessing that eventually there will be no more use for quicken. With all the institutions not allowing for downloads or sign-in it may be becoming obvious that they prefer you use their online sites.

  • Boatnmaniac
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    Kohl's website is still showing they are not downloading into Quicken. They do not provide an ETA for when this issue will be resolved. In another thread someone said they talked with a person in Kohl's Tech Support and was told that they are aware of the issue and they hope to be able to support Quicken again at some time in the future. Not a very encouraging thing to be told.

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    for the record, I have this issue, as well.

  • treehugn
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    I had hopes that I'd at least be able to manually download transactions from my Kohl's Card account page but even that doesn't work - they only provide one format option: CSV, which Quicken won't allow me to import. What the hell - you'd think at a minimum they could provide transactions as QFX for us. Get with the times, Kohls!

  • Boatnmaniac
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    For those who wish to try it, there is a freeware program called ImportQIF that can convert CSV formatted files into a QIF formatted file that can then be imported into Quicken. It was developed by a longtime Quicken user and active participant in this Quicken Community. I have not used it myself but there are quite a few posts by others (including some Super Users) saying it works well. You can read up on it and download it from https://www.quicknperlwiz.com/ .

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  • treehugn
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    Thanks for posting that info. It appears that software is for Windows only; although, even if it were for Mac too, I'd be wary of downloading & installing it. I'm super cautious of any software that's not from official, known entities.

  • Boatnmaniac
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    Yes, ImportQIF is for QWin only. I did not mention that because this post thread is in a QWin category.

    There is a way for ImportQIF to work with Mac's. Install a program like Parallel's and then install and run QWin on that. But it would mean you'd need to convert your QMac data file(s) to QWin in order for that to work.

    I understand the caution regarding downloading software. I'm pretty cautious about that myself. As I'd mentioned the person who developed it and owns that website is a longtime Quicken user (Chris_QPW) who is quite active in this Community. I've known and communicated with him for years and he has an excellent reputation in Community. But perhaps the best indication of his and the software's trustworthiness is the word of other users who speak very highly of him and ImportQIF. You can do a search for "ImportQIF" in this Community to see what others say about it.

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  • jbrule
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    It's been broken since July. Threw my arms up in the air and disabled online services for Kohl's today. Patience no longer exists. Kohl's and Quicken… you both failed on this one.

  • It's November 27, and I'm still unable to download Kohls transactions. I can't believe it takes this long to fix something if people are actually working on it.

  • QknUser8472
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    Kohl's has this note on their CC website - so, who knows if it'll get fixed - it's not Quicken's problem, it's Kohl's problem. If Kohl's wants it fixed, it'll eventually get fixed - otherwise it won't. But Quicken isn't the issue here.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    Here is the message I got back from Kohl's Customer Service not too long ago. This appears to be a canned response that several other users in have posted in other threads, as well.:

    The Alert posted in Community (see the link posted above) states that "Kohl's is blocking the connection while they continue to work on resolving the issue."

    IMO, this makes it pretty clear that this is a Kohl's issue and that Kohl's is controlling what they do or do not do to restore the connection.

    The options we have at this time are to either manually manage our Kohl's accounts in Quicken (which I am currently doing), to stop buying from Kohl's or to stop tracking Kohl's in Quicken…at least unless and until Kohl's restores the connection. Not something any of us want to hear but it is what it is.

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  • Lisamar
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    I have the same issue of being unable to download transactions from Kohl's

  • Still an issue? almost 4 months?

  • The list of institutions that don't work well with Quicken keeps growing longer for me: Chase credit cards, Capital One Walmart credit card, JC Penney and Kohl's.

    I can understand and live with the fact that smaller local businesses cannot all be supported, but I DO expect major national ones to work both for downloading transactions and Quickpay.

    Quicken needs to do a better job convincing banks and retailers to integrate support for us.

  • dcwdcwdcw
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    I have 3 Chase Credit cards. Working properly.

    One Capital One (BJs). Working properly.

    Kohl's has been problematic for years. I don't shop there anymore.

  • Loganrun
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    It's interesting that my wife's J Jill account uses the same banking clearing house for statements which is working but not for Kohl's. This is a painful problem.

  • arhoags
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    I apologize for not reading every word of this discussion page. I have read several articles that seem to point that the trouble with downloading Kohls transactions is because of the Kohls website restrictions. I am able to download transactions from my Kohls credit card into a CSV file. BUT, my version of Quicken WILL NOT ALLOW any downloaded CSV unless it is from Mint.com….I pay for my Quicken (assuming that everyone is now paying for Quicken). Quicken should allow any CSV. I had to download so many files from Wells Fargo before that whole process cleared up. Why does Quicken limit where the CSV comes from, as long as it is in the proper format? Seems to me that this 'automated downloading from Kohls' debacle can be minimalized if Quicken would allow any CSV to import.

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