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I am long time user of quicken. Over 20 years. on windows and now Mac. I have seen several threads on this with no conclusion. In short I want to create custom groups of accounts to create saving, investing and spedning buckets the way I want to see them. It should follow through the entire app that way. I see it like tags in GMail, where I can name things and tags are used to group the way I want to see things. Long time user likely looking to dump Quicken and look for an alternative or go to spreadsheet. Simply not working for me any longer as complexity of my investments ave increased.


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    Hello @FrankE,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community. While Quicken for Mac does not currently allow you to re-order accounts, there is currently a product improvement Idea under consideration to allow some customization of account order on the sidebar. You can click this link if you would like to review that Idea and add your vote.

    Thank you.

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    @FrankE From earlier similar requests, the response from the developers has been a sound no. Apparently the account types and grouping is coded deeply enough into Quicken Mac that they don't see a way to allow users to completely create their own groups. The Idea thread @Quicken Kristina referred to says in the status box that they are only considereing a way to allow users to reorder accounts within their exisiting groups. Many of us do that currently by naming our accounts with numerical prefixes (e.g. 1-XYZ Visa, 2-ABC Mastercard, 3-QQQ AmEx). But even if the developers add a way to do that without numerical prefixes, it won't achieve what you're looking for — the ability to create groups of accounts of any type.

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