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Wish: ability to edit any instance of bills & incomes (not only the next)

It's possible to edit the next instance of a recurrent bill or income reminder (edit this instance).

However, it's not possible to edit future instances, beyond the first one, without editing ALL future instances. Every now and then I have such a need, such as anticipating credit card payments, installments, or a future bonus income.

I would really appreciate it if Quicken could extend the "edit instance" functionality to any future bill or income reminder.

Quicken Classic Deluxe for Windows

Version: R52.28


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  • Quicken Kristina
    Quicken Kristina Moderator mod

    Hello @Marconi Menezes,

    Since your post is requesting a change to existing Quicken functionality, I converted it to an Idea and moved it to the Product Improvement section of the Community so others can view the idea and vote on it. Ideas that get enough votes may be considered for implementation in future versions of Quicken.

    Thank you.

    Quicken Kristina