Remove the "Received" or "Completed" stamp?

How do I remove the "Received" or "Completed" stamp from an Income&Transfer reminder, if the status was prematurely changed?


  • Quicken Kristina
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    edited November 12

    Hello @jollymonsings,

    To answer your question, there isn't any sort of undo button or undo feature for if you accidentally mark a reminder as received prematurely.

    That said, you can delete the transaction from the register and then (if its a recurring reminder), edit the series of reminders. To do this, you can follow these steps from an earlier Community post (Thank you @Boatnmaniac for this solution!):

    1. Backup your Quicken file.
    2. The reminder marked as "completed" or "received" should have a Go to Register button. Click that and it should take you directly to the transaction entered into the register.
    3. Right click on that transaction and select Delete.
    4. Once the transaction is deleted, go back to your Bills & Income tab, Income & reminders section. Find the next instance of that reminder, right click on it, and select Edit all instances of this reminder.
    5. Change the date to reflect what the normal date for the reminder should be (for instance, if you accidentally entered a 14 November income reminder early, you would change the date to 14 November).
    6. Once you have updated the date, click the Done button.
    7. Once that is done, you should see your reminder for the original date is back. You can then edit that reminder as needed.

    If the reminder is one time, rather than recurring, then the process would be similar. After deleting the transaction, you would need to go to the Bills & Income tab and recreate the reminder.

    I hope this helps!

    Quicken Kristina