Which is broken: Quicken connect, or UFCU access?

About 3 weeks ago (mid Nov?), UFCU rolled out there shiny new mobile web and phone app. I had to create a new account for the new system. I did that, got the new mobile app, and the website and mobile app are working.

I've tried to get quicken to connect and sync, and no dice. UFCU shows up in the list of institutions, but when I enter my userID and pw, I get this:

I'm guessing this is a UFCU problem, so I tried to call. UFCU is clearly having a diffacult roll out: 36 people ahead of me to get support. I tried emailing too. Nada.

Could this be a quicken issue? I'm using quicken Mac. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting the account, and same result, regardless.

I miss my quicken connect!


  • Hello @purpleHey,

    The following errors occur if you (or your bank) changed the account name at your banks website or if your bank switched to a new account for you (such as for lost or stolen accounts). 

    Please follow this link to access a FAQ that provides more information as well as some troubleshooting steps. It is recommended to save a backup before proceeding (just in case).

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • purpleHey
    purpleHey Member ✭✭

    I had done this. It's a bug. I called it in. It's "ongoing".

  • goqkn
    goqkn Member ✭✭

    Any ETA on the fix for this?

  • Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to report this issue to the Community, although we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    This issue has been reported to our Development and Product teams for further investigation and resolution. Though we do not currently have an ETA, you can bookmark this Community Alert to get updates when available and to know when the issue is resolved. If you do not see the bookmark icon at the upper right, please make sure you are logged into the Community.

    Thank you.


    Quicken Kristina

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  • Mary Kay
    Mary Kay Member ✭✭

    This is super frustrating, especially now as I am trying to end out my 2023 expenses and income. I'm more than 3 months behind on downloading from UFCU. Please let us know what is being done to correct this item.

  • Jim Bailey
    Jim Bailey Member ✭✭

    Mary Kay, this is frustrating. What I have been doing as a work around is to go to the UFCU website and where it shows my credit card activity, there is a button to download the transactions into a format that Quicken will accept. I then download that file into my downloads folder, and then open that file. Once it's opened, Quicken will import the transactions into the account. Not nearly as good as the One Step Update, but better than not having the transactions entered at all.

  • Mary Kay
    Mary Kay Member ✭✭

    Thanks, Jim. I'm definitely willing to try that. It's not my credit card activity (no credit card with UFCU), but my bank accounts that need to be downloaded. I just found the button. I hadn't scrolled down enough to see that there was a Quicken download. Going to try that now! Will let you know how that goes! MK

  • Mary Kay
    Mary Kay Member ✭✭

    Jim Bailey - that was super helpful and easy. I'm not sure why no one at UFC offered me this advice when I called about this and no one at Quicken seemed to realize this was a possibility either. But nonetheless, I am now caught up! Feeling relieved in the new year! Many, many thanks!!!

  • Jim Bailey
    Jim Bailey Member ✭✭

    You're very welcome. Still not as easy as having everything downloaded during the One Step Update, but lots better than entering those transactions manually.

  • Chulie
    Chulie Member ✭✭

    Best credit unions in Austin, Texas, anyone? UFCU is losing my business after 12 years….

    I downloaded a Quicken compatible file from UFCU checking account. (I use Quicken Mac) When I exported it to Quicken, it created a brand new account. Transactions seemed accurate, but category assignments were all over the place.

    I deleted the new file and I guess, will manually enter checking transactions.

    UFCU's new system is a colossal failure, IMO. I'm looking for a new financial institution.

  • TripleC
    TripleC Member

    I'm moving to RBFCU. Have mortgages there, they have their act together.

    I'm leaving UFCU after close to 20 years. The last 2 months have been an absolute nightmare with UFCU. Issue after issue after issue. The best one was when they stopped paying mortgages I had set up to autopay and all the payees I had set up in a business account.

  • BillTheITGuy
    BillTheITGuy Member
    edited January 28

    For folks around Austin,TX looking for a good credit union with a dependable web banking, I've been with Amplify since 1981 when it was named something like IBM Employees Fed CU. They've had their stuff wired tight on their web banking. I've not had any issues. Any issues I've faced were related to Quicken corrupting my Quicken files. Your mileage may vary.

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