Passing QMac files to new HOA user that has PC (edit)


I am the treasurer for an HOA. I will be passing my files to the new treasurer in Dec. I have a Mac and she has Windows. What is the easiest way to make the exchange and for her to have access to what I am currently doing?


  • Tom Young
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    A moderator has laid out the details of making that change. I'd say just before passing the file over to print out all regular reports you usually use with the HOA and then printing out those same reports after the conversion to see if they match. If they do match you have some assurance that the conversion worked properly.

    IF the HOA's file has any Investment Accounts in it those will not convert (according to the post) so you might have to do some manual work to at least get "opening positions" in the new Windows file.

  • splasher
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    Get the HOA to purchase a computer to use for Quicken so that they don't really on the brand of computer the treasurer has. Converting from Mac to Win is not going to be fun.

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