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  • Kathy Underwood
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    Sick of this. When I try to do it I get double accounts.

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  • Hello @Kathy Underwood,

    Based on your description of the issue, it sounds like after you finish authorizing on the financial institution website and you're redirected back to your Quicken, the Add/Link screen is defaulting to the "Add as a new account" option. If that is what is happening, then to resolve the issue, you will first need to backup your file, then deactivate or delete any duplicate accounts. Once any duplicate accounts are removed, then you would use the reauthorization prompt to update the connection method for your Citi accounts. When you get to the Add/Link screen, click on the "Add as new account" dropdown and select the correct account to link each of the accounts to.

    If you are encountering a different issue, then please provide more detail about what is happening so I can assist further.

    Please let me know how it goes!

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Nope didn't help so frustrating ready to quit

  • bg7
    bg7 Member

    Similar problem reauthorizing with Quicken Classic Deluxe (windows):

    I have a Citi Checking account in Quicken. It is a true checking account and was treated as such before the reauthorization. When I finish reauthorizing, Quicken goes to Citi, finds the account, and only allows me to add the account as a Credit account, and only lists my Credit accounts from which to choose, of which my Checking account is not one. I can only create a new account and thus it is duplicated (minus my Memo/notes, etc.).

    It seems like a bug somewhere in the process.

  • Thank you for your replies @Kathy Underwood and @bg7,

    If the troubleshooting above did not resolve the issue, then I recommend you reach out to Quicken Support directly for further assistance since they have access to tools that we do not have access to on the Community and they are able to escalate the situation if needed. The Quicken Support phone number can be found through this link here. Phone support is available from 5:00 am PT to 5:00 pm PT, Monday through Friday.

    I apologize that I could not be of more assistance!

    Quicken Kristina

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  • Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, though we apologize that you are experiencing this.

    We have forwarded this issue to the proper channels to have this further investigated. In the meantime, we request that you please navigate to Help > Report a problem and submit a problem report with log files, a sanitized data file, and screenshots (if possible) attached in order to contribute to the investigation.

    While you will not receive a response through this submission, these reports will help our teams further investigate the issue. The more problem reports we receive, the better.

    We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you.

    -Quicken Jasmine

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  • bg7
    bg7 Member

    I called support. He was helpful and patient. The phone call lasted 3 hrs, 3 min.

    We tried several approaches but none succeeded. There appears to be an issue with my Quicken File. My existing file only allows one to download the checking account as a Credit type. For some reason, it was only able to connect to Citibank using Expresss Web Connect, not Expresss Web Connect+.
    We created a new file that was able to download the correct Checking account type, so we concluded it was due to my existing file.
    We tried validating and repairing my file. This did not help.
    We tried to deactivate all Citi accounts but one. This did not help.

    The end work-around conclusion was to either:

    1. Create a new file, but then some data (memos, notes) may be lost when transferring accounts from the old to the new file.
    2. Download QIF files from Citi, and hope a future update of Quicken will fix the problem.