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I realize many will say this is a user error, but I have used Quicken for years and they have had problems in the past with download errors. I have had a problem recently with Quicken financial downloads again. In this last download, it failed to add a bank posted charge and also listed an item as clear in the reconciliation window but not shown as cleared (posted) in the bank register. I spent an hour on the phone with tech support (after being able to do so over several days of attempts, but that is another issue) just to let them know of the problem. The final solution I got was "We don't know why that happened". So much for problem solving. Just wanted to post this in case others were having the same problems recently. Good Week to all!


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    There are currently many threads open with be complaining about that there have been a lot of missing transactions, and this started pretty recently and is affect multiple financial institutions and both Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac.

    This is my website:
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    Thanks for your response. I thought I searched pretty thoroughly for threads on this but guess I didn't search well enough. Thanks again.

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    Hello @JayW,

    You mentioned that you talked with Support. Did you have the ticket number from when you contacted them? Was this issue a one time occurrence, or have you been seeing this happen repeatedly? Which financial institution(s) are you seeing this issue with?

    A lot of the threads refer to specific financial institutions. This is the link to the general thread for not downloading/incomplete downloads in Quicken for Mac:

    I look forward to your response!

    Quicken Kristina

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